Updated: June 14th, 2021 - Added 1 new AFK Aremãng cầu code

Before we check out the codes, I"ll briefly explain how khổng lồ redeem AFK Aremãng cầu codes in case you haven"t done so before or if you"re not familiar with the new redemption method.

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Even though AFK Arena is an idle game (as the game name also implies), you always have sầu more fun when you"re active! You get khổng lồ see your heroes in action blasting enemies to lớn the ground & you feel very, very proud of them (I know for sure that I feel that way). And what"s better than getting rewards for being AFK in a game? Getting rewards for not even having lớn AFK! That"s where the AFK Aremãng cầu redeem codes come into lớn play.

How to lớn redeem AFK Arena codes?

Since the old method of redeeming codes has changed, I"ll give you a quiông xã guide on how khổng lồ redeem the codes using the new method. And no, you can"t keep claiming codes by simply opening a menu in-game. Now it"s slightly more complicated than that (not rocket-science though!).

Follow the following steps to lớn learn how lớn redeem AFK Aremãng cầu codes:

xuất hiện the game"s official CD-key website.

Type in the first blank your UID (User ID), that you can find in-game. It"s in your protệp tin - cliông xã on your avatar andyou"ll find your Player ID in the top right of the Details page.

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Clichồng on Skết thúc Code - you"ll receive averification code in your in-game mailbox.

Type in the verification code in the Verification Codebox on the website then hit the Log Inbutton.

A new window will appear, where you can enter your codes. Type in the redeem codes you want lớn clayên ổn, then hit the Redeem button to get the rewards.

That"s it! You should get your rewards in your in-game mailbox shortly.


AFK Aremãng cầu working codes:

d39rqrbdcr (Rewards: 300 Diamonds, 20x Elite Hero Soulstones)ck4kjutz6k(Rewards: 300 Diamonds, 20x Elite Hero Soulstones)xiaban886 (Rewards:500 Diamonds, 5x Large Crate of Hero EXP.. (8 Hours), 5x Large Crate of Gold EXP., 5x Large Crate of Hero’s Essence)PrinceOfPersia (Rewards:500 Diamonds, 500k Gold, 500 Hero’s Essence)aaz27uvgfi (Rewards: 40 Hero Scrolls, 3000 Diamonds)am2fc6hqmj (Rewards: 300 Diamonds, trăng tròn Elite Hero Soulstones)8vws9uf6f5 (Rewards: 3000 Diamonds, 30 Faction Scrolls)persona5(Rewards: 500 Hero"s Essence, 500 Diamonds, and 500k Gold)311j4hw00d(Rewards: 100k Gold và 100 Diamonds)Ch3atc0de(Rewards: 100k Gold & 100 Diamonds)xmasl00t(Rewards: 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds)d14m0nd5(Rewards: 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds)Badlijey666(Rewards: 100 Diamonds & 100K Gold)101nc107h(Rewards: 100 Diamonds và 100,000 Gold)uf4shqjngq(Rewards: 30 Common Hero Scrolls)afk888(Rewards: 300 Diamonds, đôi mươi,000 Gold, & 100 Hero"s Essence)misevj66yi (Rewards: 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, & 5 Comtháng Hero Scrolls)Check out which two characters from Persomãng cầu joined AFK Arena recently!

These are all the AFK Arena codes currently available! Chechồng baông xã often because we"ll keep you up-to-date with the lademo codes whenever a new one pops up!

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