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НАСТРОЙКИServer: JinsoyunFaction: The Crimson LegionContacts: Aerity или AerosmithDiscord: https://discord.gg/EhUwRXPTS: ts3.tochkov.org:7896Pass: coaforeverChannel: House of Dulo

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Bracelet & weapon choiceSerpentFor the weapon it"s just going from baleful inkhổng lồ the raid weapon paths.As for the bracelet you will have sầu the choice between Tiger & Dragon from Naryu Sanctum at first.The best way lớn start off as a Serpent sin would be khổng lồ pichồng Tiger over dragon.You won"t have sầu enough gear to make rồng worth it và by the time you have sầu the gear for it you would rather tăng cấp your bracelet to lớn the Starbreaker one from Sandstorm Temple.ShadowFor the weapon best choice would be going from baleful inlớn raid weapon paths.Although one could argue that with higher ping Seraph (và its non-raid path successors) would benefit you as it makes the rotation less ping and gear reliant.It is not advised to actually go this route as you will be missing out on damage from the Heart-stab modifiers.As for the bracelet it"s quite straight-forward here. You would lượt thích the lớn get the Tiger bracelet & then inkhổng lồ the Divinity bracelet. This will net you the best damage output for Shadow.Talents và Skill pointsSerpent - 11112cảnh báo about the skill points:With SB you always want Awakened Heart Stab have max points.Otherwise the following priority:Heart Stab > Dark Strike > Choke Bomb > Venom SlashShadow - 11111cảnh báo about the skill points:Most important skill to lớn put points in is Death from BelowRest priority:Awakened Heart Stab (With SB) > Lightning rod > Choke Bomb > Shadow SlashSoulshield progressionScarlet Shadow > Virulent > Slayer > IntangibleYou can swap 8phối for 5set+3phối new ones và slowly move sầu that way onto lớn the new soulshield sets.Scarlet Shadow = Midnight Skypetal Plains, don"t bother farming for this, take the pieces from storyVirulent = Skybreak SpireSlayer = Temple of Eluvium / Scion"s KeepIntangible = Nightfall SanctuarySoul và Mystic badgesSerpentCurrent best in slot Soul badge:Glory Soul Badge (Tower of Infinity, Season of Glory) -> Ancestral Soul Badge (Fusion of Alluvion & Glory)Future best in slot (when it"s released for us):Liberty Soul Badge (Tower of Infinity Pink Season) > x Soul Badge (Fusion of pink và Glory Soul Badges)Mystic badge:Skyrift Mystic Badge -> Aransu Mystic Badge (Temple of Eluvium)ShadowCurrent best in slot Soul badge:Blue Moon Soul Badge (Tower of Infinity Green Season) > Arcamãng cầu Soul Badge (Fusion of Blue Moon và Magnum Soul Badges)Future best in slot soul badge fusion (when it"s released for us):Songbird Soul Badge (Tower of Infinity Pink Season) > x Soul Badge (Fusion of Songbird và Glory Soul Badges)Mystic badge:Pulse Mystic Badge > Dynasty Mystic Badge (Temple of Eluvium)Повече информация можете да намерите тук.
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