Copy and paste one of the images below inlớn emails (see gif above). Either that or right clichồng on the image on desktop or máy vi tính and save khổng lồ your computer. Then drop the image into your tin nhắn & add the links khổng lồ the image through your gmail controls.

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See notes accompanying each image as lớn where they link khổng lồ.

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Use this for linking khổng lồ trailer in emails !!! ....

Book Cover: Trailer on

This liên kết lớn the lakiểm tra Galdo"s Gift trailer on


TICKET: Free Promo Code

Add lớn an tin nhắn to give access lớn a promo code for a miễn phí copy of Galdo"s Gift iBook





Book Cover: Links lớn Galdo"s Gift iBook

on the Apple Store

Add to email to lớn give a link to lớn Galdo"s Gift on the Apple Store in available territories

TICKET: Video Demo of the first third of the book

This is an early version of the book showing many of the features that are in the final version.

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