blade and soul not launching This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Blade & Soul 64 Bit Client Possible Fix!. Following along are instructions in the video below: “Fellow observers. I am static from games. Observation and welcome to a blatant soul video video now. I ve not done a whole lot of blade and soul and it mainly because i m not going to have a lot of time for it and the other one is that i ve had a lot of issues with the game itself 64 bit client not launching 64 bit client launching.

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But has shit fps 32. Bit client works but crashes after x amount of time so it s really frustrating. And i ve never had to work on a game this much in order to get it to work properly if for example. I go back to one of the more recent mmos.

I came to the west revelation online and when i went there it literally took me like 15 to 20 seconds to launched it the game and actually be playing literally was that fast loading times were so optimized everything worked perfectly it was just amazing compared to blade and soul now. I did hear that blade and soul is getting a engine upgrade. So they re going to transport their current game to an unreal engine. 4.

Which should be an upgrade. I don t know what that s going to mean for the issues with the mouse. Because now currently the mouse has left like right click and everything is like on a delay because that s how the unreal engine works i don t know if for fixes. That still i don t think the unreal engine was ever built to be used for an mmorpg.

But still an upgrade is an upgrade and hopefully it ll make everything a lot smoother now to get to the issue at hand literally. My blade or soul would crash or i couldn t play it at all 32. Bit is pretty crap in that regard because it uses a set amount of memory and once it runs out of memory to use it crashes. That s pretty much how it is and i believe that as you spend more time in areas that are highly crowded.

The faster. The crashing will occur so i ve been all over the internet. I have looked everywhere. I ve literally tried everything you can possibly try and i ve not been able to get it to work what i even did is i went to my c drive.

And normally your nc west and mc. Self. Folders are here in the program. Files.

X86 and now i moved them to over here. Then i did a clean install on the launcher on the on this tab. Then i changed the path here by going to properties and then just deleting. The 86 path of it and let the game update.

And that s it and still..

I wouldn t be able to get it to work the only time. I was able to get the 64 bit client to work is if i launched. It as administrator and even then if i was actually able to get in game. Because i didn t always work i would have like 15fps so none of that crap work now i did do this and then i tried something else.

And i don t know if part of this or part of doing what i did with the folders contributed to actually solving the problem. But i m gonna put the link of the folder swapping in the description below so you can try that yourself if you re having issues. But the next thing. I tried was being as buddy now i believe is something that s frowned upon and i believe if you even use modding or edit any of the files of the game.

Then obviously. It s barnable you have to be a little bit careful with it i don t know what the exact things are that you re allowed to do with it. But this is the only thing that worked for me to get the game to launch and that should not be something i would have to do so if you punish me for using bns buddy. The tariff lock good for you.

But you made a broken game. So sorry so before i get into the settings of vienna s buddy. I just want to say that if you re going to use this every time. There is a maintenance launch the game by using the normal way of doing it so just launch the launch right here by clicking the blame.

So icon update. The game then close the launcher and then use b s. Buddy. Because if you don t then they will see that difference in the version and they know that you re using software that you re not supposed to use that s going to be a problem.

So you can find the link to vienna s buddy in description below. What you need to do is you just need to install it and then you will get this screen. If there s an ad just press. Skip ad.

And you will get to the launcher settings up here. You can select 32 or a 64 bit client. I m going to go with 64 bit even when i did that through vienna s buddy. It would either not launch or would have shit fps.

But there is a setting in vienna s buddy that could potentially fix it for you it did for me at the very least so. The first thing. We re going to do is we re going to take on all these option unattended. No texture streaming and use all cores use all frickin cores.


It s gonna make things faster then down here you can select your language. Then down here you can select the server. That you re playing on for me. That s europe and then you can see your pain.

Not that it matters. I never feel like i would have 30 to 40 pain or sometimes it goes lower. But you know unstable servers and then down. Here you can say fix loading screen.

Basically just will make the loading screen completely black with just a tip at the bottom. Then once you ve done that we re going to go to settings and page. 3. Then after we reach page 3.

We re going to go here to the right and we click on the memory settings. Auto clean on then interval 5 minutes for 64 bit you don t really need that but if you can t get the 64 bit to work and have to swap the 32. Bit then this is going to save your day so basically like i said earlier the 32. Bit runs out of memory because it keeps cropping everything up and then it crashes.

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Because it exceeds them on the memory that it can use with this it will clean the memory every 5 minutes. So the memory will never fill itself up which means that the 32 bit client becomes a lot more stable. So if you are forced to play on the 32. Bit.

Then it s not a problem if you use bms buddy literally just click on the auto clean every 5 minutes. And you re good you can probably do it every 10 minutes as well. But i just kept it on 5. It shouldn t slow down anything on the game or anything now.

This is everything i did i m not messing with anything else because other options. I even though i don t know what they really do and i feel like if i mess with other options. I might be messing with game files or anything. Which i don t want and after we re done here we re going to go to extras over here and then we re going to turn on multi client.

So after i ve turned on multi client. I was able to actually launch the 64 bit client literally. I ve not been able to launch the 64 bit it would just not do anything so after i did this it was actually able to launch. Which is a lot of progress then after you ve said all these settings you click play leave it on 64 bit or 32 bit whatever you want to play it sign in as you can see i will have my loading screen right here.

Now let s pull up the task manager boot like that and as you can see here..

We will have a certain amount of mbs and a percentage of users of the processor and the memory this memory port. Here will spike up to 1200 and then 1600 and it s gonna keep going up till like 2100 it depends on how much memory you have how high you can go. But if this process is dormant. So if it stays around 20 age.

20 to 30. And this stays like at 900 to 1km bees for me then it s no good. It s gonna launch and i will have 15 fps. If this screen appears it the launching will take very long and i will have almost no fps.

So if this memory here spikes up to almost 3k for me then for me. It s good you re gonna have to figure it out by yourself then as usual you will get your pin code you just type it in click confirm you agree to whatever they are putting there and then you can launch the game as usual and as we get in the game. We should see that we will have normal fps. The first launch it may start a little bit low and then builds up as it stabilizes.

But we should have normal fps and we should have a decently low loading screen as you can see the loading bar is already going. And going my loading screen is already relatively low because of an ssd. But using vienna s buddy will make it a tiny bit faster. Still and look at that we re in the game isn t that amazing now as you can see people are loading in so.

Our fps is dropping a little bit. Because stuff is still loading. And everything is stabilizing. We can press ctrl f.

And fps will go up to begin with the unreal engine was never built for this we have many many people around so. The fps will take a bigger hit in that regard alright and that s it this is how i got my 64 bit client to work again. I don t know if the first method is contributed to this. But at the very least bienes buddy did help out with that now regarding blade and soul itself.

I will be playing on my assassin. And i ve been gearing up my blade master. And i saw that they are going to release. New classes.

It s probably gonna be like the end of the year or something that we re gonna get these glasses. But still or maybe. Even later. I saw that they were going to release a warrior class.

I ve always been into warriors and especially this one had a grade torso..

That s going to be freaking awesome a great sword. I love those classes. I just fear that they re going to make it maybe a little spin to win like in order to destroy your evening. I hope not if they don t then i will definitely be playing it if the move sets and everything is cool even if it s something that will be slightly underpowered.

But what usually usually what new classes they ll be over power you gear it up and then they nerf it or they stabilize it more. But at the very least if it s something that has cool moves and it s it s not too slow that you re locked into animations and stuff then i will probably swap over to warrior. Because that is just that s just the thing. I love the most i played an assassin at the time it because it fitted really well with my play style because the previous mmo.

Which was artesia they played i tried an assassin got really used to the play style. So there s austin and blade and soul made sense for me and the next of thing. I wanted to add is i will probably not be making many blends or videos. Because my work schedule is going to be pretty heavy and blade soul takes a lot of time and even though i fixed.

All the issues. I had with the freaking game for the past weeks. I m still not that interested to keep going with the guy and everything like that because it s just it s a lot of work and again. I don t really have the time for it right now one thing.

I was thinking of is doing run downs of patch notes and seeing changes that are coming or changes that word that are already live and then looking into it with the classes that i m familiar with which would be blade blade master assassin and potentially coming from aster but apart from that i don t think i ll be doing much of blade and soul content. Anymore and i think many of you have moved on anyway and have looked for different channels. That will do similar content to what i did and there s probably people that cover it a lot better than me anyway because the last few i made mistakes and just because i didn t really have this time to put in as much effort. I just tried to get it out to help people out.

But if there s mistakes in it that it doesn t really help does it so anyway. That was it for this video. I hope you re able to play on a 64. Bit coin or have a more stable 32.

Bit client with these things again use being us buddy at your own risk. It was the only thing that could make the game work for me. And yeah. It s it s a sad truth so thank you so much for watching hope.

It was helpful. I will see all of you in one of my next videos see you next time you ” ..


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