Winter Mane, once a great warrior of the Blackram Eastern Fleet, has become corrupted by Dark Chi, indiscriminately attacking both frikết thúc và foe. He waits within his frozen wasteland for new challengers and victims alike.

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Cold Storage can only be entered once per day until the daily quest rephối (can be viewed in the minimap cloông xã icon; resets at 12:00AM CST); the daily limit can be reset in your character thực đơn with a Cold Storage Reset, from the Hongmoon Store, very rare drop from Avalanche Den, or events, in your inventory.

The dungeon is divided into two phases for its two bosses, và you may only clear both phases once before rephối. If you enter with someone who has already completed the first trùm without having done it yourself, the game will mark you as having already done the first trùm, and will prevent you from killing it until remix.


The entrance to the Cold Storage is guarded by two sets of three patrolling Crushing Automatons. The minitrùm, a Pulverizing Automaton waits at the bottom of the stairs. It uses spinning attacks that can be dangerous if not blocked or avoided, và will sumtháng additional groups of automatons.

Winter Mane:


HP: 80,000,000

Enrage: 4:00

CC: 2x


Targeted punch. Blockable.180 degree frontal sweep, knocks bachồng and down. Blockable.Targeted punch. Blockable.3-hit spin, causes knockbachồng & knockdown on the last hit. Blockable.Area of effect roar, induces Freeze, blockable OR linear frostspewer, cannot be blocked.

If the aggro holder stands 9 meters or further away, Winter Mane will leash & punch them three times.

Periodically, Winter Mane enters a special rotation in the middle of its attacks:

Winter Mane will vocally declare “Coward!” & fires an ice wave at the furthest person from him, putting them in Frost Prison for 20 seconds, making them immune lớn attacks for the duration, the prison will giảm giá damage và knochồng down when it ends. The prison cannot be escaped from, despite prompting Second Wind.Winter Mane jumps at the aggro holder, causing an unblockable AoE when he lands.One of the following:Winter Mane performs a field-wide unblockable ice explosion, knocking back and knocking down anyone hit. Can be CC’d.Winter Mane holds arms in front of its face. This is a counter, if someone hits hyên ổn from any direction he will follow with a blockable AoE stomp that stuns.

Special Phase:

Every 10% of Winter Mane’s health he enters a mechanic:

Winter Mane will pound his fists together & shouts, gaining a permanent stachồng of “Defense Bonus”, increasing his defense by 10%. This buff stacks up khổng lồ five sầu times.Winter Mane activates one of the Freezing Automatons in the corner of the room, which charge around the room. If these automatons hit Winter Mane at any point they will explode after a short delay causing any players hit by the AoE to lớn be blinded và stunned. A ranged class can hit the automatons lớn gain aggro và position themselves in a way that prevents the automatons from running inkhổng lồ the trùm.If a player is put in Frost Prison by Winter Mane and is hit by the automaton, the prison is removed & the entire tiệc nhỏ gains a stackable “Piercing Bonus” that increases piercing by 10%, countering Winter Mane’s defense bonus.Winter Mane does an AoE that causes Freeze if not blocked or avoided.Winter Mane performs a field-wide unblockable ice explosion, knocking baông chồng & knocking down anyone hit. This can be interrupted with CC và ideally should be whenever possible.

After doing the mechanic for 30%, six frost flowers will continuously spawn in random places on the field which will explode after a short delay, dealing damage & freezing anyone hit.

Kaari Lord:


HP: 55,000,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

At the docks outside the Cold Storage is a port that can only be accessed once Winter Mane is defeated. Inserting one White Orb that is dropped by Winter Mane into lớn the middle pedestal will spawn the optional boss, Kaari Lord.

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180 degree frontal staff sweep that will knoông xã bachồng & knoông xã down anyone hit. Blockable.One of the following:Rear tail swing inducing that will knochồng baông xã và knochồng down anyone hit, blockableLinear lightning chest burst causing stun, blockableTargeted downward hammer swing, blockable.3-hit spin with a slight delay between hits, the last hit will knoông chồng back và knochồng down anyone hit. Blockable. Can’t be CC’d.

If the aggro holder stands 4 meters or further away, Kaari Lord will charge at them which causing stun, & then bởi vì a targeted shout which will cause knockbaông xã & knockdown.

Periodically, Kaari Lord casts a field-wide unblockable AoE lightning attachồng which will knochồng baông chồng & knoông chồng down anyone hit by it. This can be CC’d.


White Orb


Dropped by Winter Mane, this orb is used to lớn summon the optional trùm Kaari Lord in Cold Storage, or open the Dragon Pulse in Heaven’s Mandate to fight its trùm.

Freezing Orb


Dropped by Winter Mane và Kaari Lord, these are used lớn purchase wares from Mallang.




After defeating Winter Mane, Mallang appears inside the cold storage, offering her wares.

If the entire các buổi tiệc nhỏ leaves the storage area, the door will be closed & Mallang’s siêu thị will be inaccessible until the daily rephối.

Legendary Keys


Sold by Mallang, these are used to lớn open the extremely rare Draken, Hellion, and Transcendence Engine Chests found in all Hard dungeons.

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Detháng Spirit Stone


These are used in transmuting a Sealed Sacred Oil.


Frozen Lamentation Stone

When combined with the “Asura Ember” from Sogun’s Lament, the “Chilling Flame Elixir” is created. This unlocks a Hongmoon skill. The skill unlocked varies by class:

Blade Master: Pierce 1Kung Fu Master: Swift Strike 1; Tiger Strike 1Destroyer: Cleave sầu 1; Eradicate 1Force Master: Dragonchar 1, 3 (Blazing Beam); Glacial Beam 1Assassin: Heart Stab 1Summoner: Anklebiter 2 (Surprise Gift), 3 (Bombs Away!)Blade Dancer: Sunder 2Warlock: Bombardment 1, 2; Dimensional Volley 1Soul Fighter: Cobalt Punch 1; Right Punch 1Gunslinger: Quickshot 1; Darkshot 1

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