Hello Mobo gang welcome back! This guide will show you how to build the best Force Master build for both PvE and PvP in Blade and Soul Revolution.

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This Force Master build gets huge damage buffs and deals insane burst damage, it's fairly to easy use when it comes to offensive skills, the challenging part is understanding how to evade your enemies while your skills are on cooldown. The build is extremely strong in both PvP and PvE against all classes. I'll show you the build first then skill rotation at the end.

You will want to max out the Dragon Blaze skill tree first then Max out the Inferno Skill Tree second. Bring Dual Dragons to level 10. Keep everything else at the base stance at level 1 and put everything else into your ultimate skills including Chi Bomb, Ice Coil, Sacred Flames and Glacial Beam. The order you want to do this in is bring every skill in the Dragon Blaze skill tree and Inferno Skill Tree to level 10, then bring all of your ultimate skills and Dual Dragons to level 10. Now go back and finish up maxing out the skills in both Dragon Blaze and Inferno Skill trees to 20 each.

For Dragonblaze use Variant 3 for the pvp piercing buff of 10% for 15 seconds or if you don't have it, use variant 1 for the 15% attack power buff for 10 seconds.

For Dragonchar use variant 3 for the huge damage booster and knockback if you don't have it, then use variant 2 for the burn damage.

For Dragonwhorl take variant 2 for the 10 second frostbite debuff on the enemy, this will help you kite easier.

For meteor shower use variant 1 for the extra damage per burn stack, this works well with your other burn variants.

Divine Veil use variant 1 for the ranged damage reduction of 20%.Chi bomb, take variant 3 for the immediate cast so your opponent can't evade the damage from chi bomb, if you don't have it, you can use variant 2 for the knockback for now.

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For sacred flames you don't have a choice but to use variant 1 for the increased crit damage and crit rate of 10% for 15 seconds which is pretty epic.

For passives max attack power 3, attack power 2, piercing and accuracy, then put 10 points into defense 3 and the rest into crit hit 2.

For Hongmoon arts, there really isn't anything not worth getting here, so use your own judgement here but you don't have much of a choice anyways, it's pretty linear.

For legendary pets use either one of the dragons for attack power and crit, you can also use Wukong when it comes to PvP as it is by far the best against other players. For heroic pets, you will want to aim for either the awakened infernal lord for the pvp stats or blossom for the crit bonus.

For a PvP weapon get either one of the dueling bangles under rare or heroic for and use the Divine bangle for the attack power boost and if you cant get a heroic weapon, then use the profane bangle for the piercing boost for PvE, keep in mind you need to enhance them past level 10 to get that bonus. If you got that cash money or infinite RNG you can get Magma for the damage buff for both PvP and PvE.

For rare accessories go for 7 pieces of Fracture set for the Atk bonus or indomitable for the pvp atk bonus. For heroic go for 7 pieces of the Release set for the attack or Ivory Spirit for the pvp attack. As for legendary you will want the Mushin set.

For your Soul Shield set you will want to aim for midnight skypetal plains for the rare set and sacred longgui for the heroic set as they both give huge attack power boosts.

Start off with Frost Leap to slow your enemy down with frostbite, then use your inferno skill to get the 15% crit buff and use short fuse after to get the 15% attack power buff. Follow up with Dragon blaze for either the 10% pvp piercing or 15% attack power buff depending on which variant you chose. Use Fire Fury to get the burn chance buff up for your subsequent skills. Now use your dragonchar to knock the enemy back or burn them depending on your variant. Now use Dragonwhorl to inflict frostbite on the enemy and Meteor shower for some heavy damage. Try to get your heatwave and phantom grip combo in but most likely the enemy will use quick recover against it. If you do manage to get them into phantom grip, you want to use your bolt bash 3 times and use blackout for an additional stun. This entire time you should be running around and kiting your enemy while timing your evasion skills.

In between each skill you should also be using your normal attack fire blast to get extra hits in there and use Frost Leap whenever they get close so you can create some distance.

So after your first skill rotation, Dual Dragons should be ready for you to go into your ultimate stance, but before you do that, use Frost Leap into Frost Armor to go invincible to get your 10% attack power buff and then use inferno, short fuse and dragon blaze for the additional damage and crit buffs. Now finally use Dual Dragons to get into your ultimate stance. Start off with Sacred Flames and get the crit and crit damage boost of 10%, by now you should have 5 attack and crit buffs on you so right away use Ice Coil and Chi Bomb right away. Then use Divine Veil if you're fighting against a ranged opponent. Other than that just keep kiting your enemy with Glacial Beam until your ultimate duration is at about 20% left, then use Frost Leap to get back into your base stance and repeat the entire combo. One side note, if you don't have variant 3 for your Chi Bomb, you need to bait your enemy's evasion cause they can easily negate the damage since the channel time is fairly long. To do this, you just need to cast it until it's almost at 90% then stop casting, if they fell for the trick then you can cast it for real this time and it should land.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and given you some insight on how you can build your summoner in Blade and Soul Revolution. Good luck on getting the game started right and let me know what you think of the character you chose in the comments below. Also don't forget to drop a like on the video if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more. Until next time my friends, peace!

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