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Blade and Soul is a martial arts MMORPG developed by NCSoft, the same đoạn Clip game developer that brought us Lineage II and Guild Wars 2.Like many other online games, Blade và Soul can sometimes experience troublesome connectivity issues that may disrupt your gaming experience.

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chú ý that using a VPN khổng lồ solve packet loss issues will only work if the issue is caused by your ISPhường. If your Internet provider limits your bandwidth or has improper network routing, it could lead to lớn packet loss.

A VPN will circumvent your ISP’s mặc định, limited connection, which will result in fewer packets being leaked. However, if the problem is on your side or caused by the game VPS, using a VPN won’t fix it.

2. Change the game server

If the Blade and Soul server is experiencing heavy packet loss, you might consider switching it, if possible. We understvà that switching servers might mean that your favorite character will be temporarily unplayable.

However, if you’ve sầu just started playing the game, didn’t advance too much, and your friends don’t mind joining you on another less-troublesome server, you might consider switching. At least for the time being.

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3. Troubleshoot your connection manually

Restart the game, your PC, router, and/or modemForce-cthua kém any bandwidth-heavy background apps or processesFlush your DNSReduce Blade & Soul’s quality settings (resolution, rendering, shadows)Chechồng every part of your home page connection for any malfunctioning component and fix/replace itUpdate your PC’s drivers khổng lồ their lachạy thử version, especially network driversMake sure your router’s firmware has been updated khổng lồ its lakiểm tra versionReplace any old or worn Ethernet cablesUpgrade your old Ethernet cables, if necessary (buy higher CAT models)điện thoại tư vấn your ISPhường & ask them if they can vì something about your packet loss situationContact NCSoft & inform them about their servers leaking packets (if that’s the case)

Final thoughts on fixing Blade and Soul packet loss

To wrap it up, it’s not the kết thúc of the world if you experience packet loss in Blade and Soul. Most of the time it will be barely noticeable và will pass before you even realize it.

However, if you notice a pattern is developing & the issue starts occurring more frequently, you could try some of our suggested fixes.

Using a VPN such as PIA can prove sầu khổng lồ be the most effective way khổng lồ get rid of packet loss. However, it will only work if it’s your ISPhường that’s been restricting your bandwidth, thus causing the packet loss.

If a VPN doesn’t seem lớn work, you could try performing the manual troubleshooting suggestions we’ve mentioned.

lưu ý that these won’t necessarily fix your packet leaks altogether, but they could seriously improve sầu the quality of your connection.

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