Deep within the Celestial Basin lies an ancient place of Naryu worship, until a powerful automaton named Xanos claimed it as his tên miền. Treasure hunters seek lớn excavate the Sanctum, oblivious to the dangers of Xanos’s forgotten empire. Tread carefully, for Xanos’s watchful eyes may judge unfortunate souls to be sacrificed lớn the darkness, while avoiding being completely purified by his blinding light.

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You will start on a pathway that leads lớn a room with statues and a sentinel in the center. When someone jumps down, the sentinel will awaken và wake up all the statues before vanishing, which will aggro on the person who woke up the sentinel. Stand near an archer statue khổng lồ pull all the melee statues to lớn one spot, & aoe them down before finishing off the archers.

Killing all the statues opens the door to lớn the next room. There will be 2 archer statues, jump và glide over them to lớn avoid aggroing them. There will be another room with 4 statues, kill those statues lớn open the door to the first trùm.

Granite Titan


HP: 67,200,000

Enrage: 7:30

CC: 2x

Granite Titan will be standing in the center of the room, and will be untargetable until someone moves closes enough to lớn aggro hlặng (8m).

Basic Attaông xã Pattern:

3x Straight Punch, blockable, dazes on each hitFrontal 180 degree jump shoulder, unblockable, knocks back.AoE Slam, unblockable, launches.3x straight5-hit Spin, blockable and CC’able, knocks baông chồng on the last hit

If the tank is too far, Granite Titan will teleport to lớn them, producing an unblockable AoE that aerials.

Special Attack Phase (70%/30%):

When Granite Tichảy reaches one of these thresholds, he will throw a large linear AoE unblockable hammer at the tank which causes knockbachồng.

Afterwards, a message warns “Granite Tichảy uses Fiery Punch” và he will target the closest person lớn hyên, and bởi vì three blockable punches lớn the closest people. This punch deals damage and dazes.

After he does 3 punches, a message warns “Granite Titan uses Unleashed Fiery Punch”, & he will target the farthest person, travel khổng lồ them and punch the 5 closest people including the target after travelling khổng lồ them.

Granite Tichảy then teleports lớn the middle of the room, doing an unblockable stomp that launches và damages anyone who happens to be there. A message warns “Naryu Guards are created” and he will spawn soldiers at the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, & 9:00 positions, each with 2x CC. Granite Tichảy will then grab one of them at random, drain the energy from it và throw it away from hyên ổn, gaining an invulnerable shield in the process, & the other three soldiers will aggro onlớn the tank. He will throw 5 hammers at the farthest person before blowing up the statue he threw. In order for his invulnerability lớn be removed, you must use the rest of the soldiers lớn create a chain reaction explosion lớn blow hyên ổn up.


When he throws the soldier, you will see a red circle around that soldier. When you bring the other stone soldiers down to 50% of their HPhường, they will kneel down, stop attacking và moving, become invulnerable & gain a red circle of their own. When he blows up the soldier he threw, it will also blow up any other soldiers in the red circle, which will blow up any soldiers in that red circle, which can blow up Granite Titan.


You want one person to lớn aggro/grab a soldier & have tank to draw the other two soldiers, & move sầu those two groups of soldiers in a way that the explosion circles can chain to the boss, while the farthest person moves left & right opposite from the thrown soldier to lớn keep the hammers away from the soldiers và the rest of the các buổi party.

If done correctly, he will blow up the farthest soldier, và the explosion will chain between soldiers until it hits Granite Tirã. The explosion will remove sầu his invulnerability, khuyến mãi 10% of his maximum HPhường, and daze hyên ổn for a couple seconds. Once the CC is over, he will vì an AoE slam around hlặng that will damage and aerial, followed by a field-wide AoE explosion that should be iframed to lớn prsự kiện damage, finishing his special attaông chồng rotation.

Failing lớn properly blow hyên up will simply cause him to lớn retain his shield until the AoE explosion.

Giant Naryu Augerite


HP: 15,950,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

This miniboss has a basic Augerite attack pattern, but until 1/2 HPhường, periodically a message warns “Giant Naryu Augerite is creating waves of power ripples”, and it will jump in the air and when it lands, a circular wave sầu will come out from it damaging và knocking baông xã everyone who does not jump over it or iframe it. After 50% HPhường., the power ripple will become a series of 5 waves, the fifth of which is slightly delayed.

At 50%/30%/10% a message warns “The Giant Naryu Augerite absorbs its underlings”. A number of small augerites (1 at một nửa, 2 at 30%, 4 at 10%) will appear around it in random locations, and if not quickly 2x CC’d, will heal the giant augerite by 10% of its health per add. As the miniboss doesn’t have sầu an enrage, failing to CC here just makes the fight longer.


Once the minitrùm is dead, the path to lớn the second boss will open up. Look for the glowing footsteps on the pillar in the path, & run up the pillar until you reach the ledge. If you’re stuông xã in combat, you can walk up the tree going around the room.



HP: 109,150,000

Enrage: 7:00

CC: 2x

While this boss’s HPhường and enrage time might seem daunting, it is actually the easiest trùm, as it đơn hàng an enormous amount of damage khổng lồ itself with mechanics. You will likely see very little of its basic attachồng pattern, as it should just chain its special attack pattern constantly.

Basic Attachồng Pattern:

Two forward swipes + one baông xã swipe, all blockable, the bachồng swipe knocks downForward lightning breath, unblockable, stunsAoE explosion, unblockable, stuns, CCable

All of Agoni’s attacks inflict the stackable Lightning Dragon debuff which reduces movement tốc độ and stacks up lớn 10 times, lasts for 30 seconds.


If the tank is too far, Agoni fires a series of unblockable scattered beams at them. He will then jump in place, knocking bachồng anyone around him which is blockable, before doing an unblockable stomp at the tank.

After some time, Agoni will vì a different pattern:

AoE slam, unblockable, knocks back.Shoots 3 lightning AoE puddles at the 3 farthest people.Field-wide AoE lightning explosion, detonates Lightning Dragon stacks for massive sầu damage, unblockable.

Special Attaông xã Pattern (70%/30%)

When Agoni reaches these thresholds, he will jump to lớn the center of the arena, knocking baông xã everyone he lands on. Twelve sầu lightning rods will spawn around the aremãng cầu, & one person should st& slightly behind and to the right of one of the rods.


Agoni will fire two scattered laser beams at the farthest person, iframe these if possible.

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He will then fire a lightning beam at the farthest person, which will bounce khổng lồ the closest lightning rod lớn the marker và then to lớn 3 more adjacent lightning rods, followed up by hyên ổn doing a small blockable jump (knocking down people around him) và jumping on top of the farthest person. He will bởi this a total of 3 times, & on the third time instead of jumping to lớn the farthest person, he will charge at the tank, who should blochồng the charge.

When the lightning rods get electrocuted, they can be picked up and thrown at Agoni. Throwing them đơn hàng 3 million damage & applies a trăng tròn second Goldtalon stachồng lớn Agoni. Blocking the charge at the end will cause all of the electrocution stacks to lớn detonate, which does about 0.5% of his max HP per stachồng, cleanses Lightning Dragon stacks, heals everyone around hlặng, và he will be knocked down for a couple seconds (can be grabbed). After recovering he will vị a roomwide AoE which should be iframed, và his special attaông xã rotation will be finished.

Naryu Guardian Archer

HP: 7,755,000

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

Before the final boss there is a room with one archer statue in the center, and six other statues on the walls. Burst it down as fast as possible, as the other statues will wake up và aggro onto lớn the tank. The archer will fire unblockable linear AoEs that knockbaông xã and time bombs that knockup and damage people. You should either have another person aggro và tank the statues (hit them as they wake up), or burst down the main statue extremely quickly.



HP: 57,650,000

Enrage: 5:50

CC: 2x

Xanos has the lowest HP. of all of the bosses, but no self damaging mechanics.

Basic Attaông xã Pattern:

180 degree frontal Double Arm Swipe, blockable, applies Darkness.Criss-Cross Slams: Creates a pair of dark lines to lớn his sides as well as front & baông chồng, in a random order, applies Darkness.Light Circles: Creates a circle of light hitting 0-8m, then 8-14m, then 0-8m again, each circle will knoông xã up, all unblockable.laze Beam: Shoots a light laser beam in front and behind hyên, unblockable, causes knockbaông chồng.Frontal Slam: Does a frontal slam in a rectangle, applying Darkness. Blockable and CCable.

All of Xanos’s hand or dark-based attacks apply the Darkness debuff, which does roughly 500 damage per two seconds over 30 seconds và stacks up to 25 times.


If the tank is too far, Xanos will teleport lớn them, performing a small unblockable AoE that causes knockbaông xã.

If Xanos is knocked down, a message warns “Xanos emits a Blinding Light” và he will rise back up and create a giant flash of light. If you are facing Xanos when he does this, you will be stunned, blinded, deafened, and take damage. This get-up attachồng, if not iframed, grants the “Blessing of Light” buff which cleanses và immunizes Darkness for 5 seconds.

After some time:

Xanos will teleport to the farthest person from him, doing an unblockable knockback on landing.He will then spawn 6 unblockable dark pits around hyên after a delay, then far from hlặng, applying daze và a darkness staông xã.Finally, he will spin around và fire 6 blockable projectiles at the buổi tiệc nhỏ, in order of who hit hyên ổn, looping back lớn the start if there are less than 6 people.

Light/Dark Phase (80%/50%/20%):

At these HP thresholds, Xanos will start his special attachồng rotation. He will teleport to lớn the center of the room and knock back anyone there.

The center of the room around Xanos (10 meter radius circle) will be lit up, and the rest of the room will be in darkness, everyone must move inlớn the light zone near Xanos. If you stvà in the dark area you will receive the “Darkness Prison” debuff, immobilizing you and any attaông chồng received will cause you to lớn instantly die.

A few seconds after creating the light/dark zones, Xanos will stop spinning for a moment & cause a large light explosion that should be protected with a buổi tiệc ngọt iframe, this will not blind but will do a significant amount of damage. After the explosion, the disc on his back will circle around hyên ổn and dark pits will appear in lines around hyên ổn, & he will heal 2% of his health every time the wheel circles around him, CC hlặng to stop his regeneration.

Once the CC is over, the light/dark zones will disappear, he will vì 5 rapid AoE light bursts which vì a lot of damage, & third hit will knockbachồng. Force Master’s/Destroyer’s Frost Sheath/Iron Plating should be used for this, but personal iframes work as well, and Xanos’s special attachồng rotation is finished.



Divine Beast Bracelet Chest

The final boss can drop the legendary Divine Beast Bracelet Chest, which can be opened into either the Divine Dragon or Tiger Bracelet using an Unrefined Bracelet from Mushin’s Tower Floor 16-trăng tròn. Hard difficulty has an extremely low chance khổng lồ drop a tradeable version of the chest.

You can also buy the Chest from Coin Exchange Merchant Junsorei in most towns for 100 Draken Cores.

Both Bracelets have sầu the same stats, but with different class-specific effects.

Divine Dragon Bracelet:

Blade Master: Lightning Rod grants the “Divine Dragon” buff for 12 seconds, adding an Attaông xã nguồn Bonus to:Honed Slash by 215%/295%/385%/480% at Stages 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, & 10 respectively.Dragontoungue by 210%/285%/370%/460%Kung Fu Master: During Searing Palm’s Unleashed effect, an Attack nguồn Bonus is added to:Tiger Strike by 30%/60%/90%/160%Swift Strike by 40%/80%/120%/200%Cyclone Kichồng by 80%/120%/200%/280%Force Master:Dragonblaze grants the “Firewyrm” buff for 15 seconds, adding an Attack Power nguồn Bonus lớn Dragonchar/Blazing Beam by 55%/90%/125%/180%.Dragonfrost grants the “Frostwyrm” buff for 15 seconds, adding an Attaông xã nguồn Bonus to lớn Glacial Beam by 27%/45%/63%/90%.Destroyer:Wrath permanently gains an Attaông chồng Power Bonus of 75%/100%/130%/200%.Shadow Wrath grants the “Divine Dragon” buff for 4 seconds, adding an Attaông xã nguồn Bonus to Galeforce by 420%/600%/780%/1,200%.Assassin: Fighting Spirit grants the “Divine Dragon” buff for 10 seconds:Increases Heart Stab’s attaông xã speedHeart Stab refunds 1 focus on critical hitAdds an Attack Power Bonus to lớn Heart Stab by 140%/190%/235%/475%Summoner: Doom ‘n’ Bloom grants the “Divine Dragon” buff for 6 seconds, adding an Attack nguồn Bonus to:Rumblebees by 34%/44%/55%/110%Sunflower/Super Sunflower by 46%/60%/75%/150%Blade Dancer: Five sầu Point Strike/Skyward Slash/Thunder Slash grants the “Divine Dragon” buff for 6 seconds, adding an Attaông xã Power nguồn Bonus to:Rolling Typhoon by 130%/170%/215%/430%Lightning Flash by 90%/125%/155%/315%Warlock: During Leech’s Siphon effect, an Attachồng Power nguồn Bonus is added to:Bombardment by 55%/70%/85%/170%Dimensional Volley/Charge/Salvo by 45%/60%/75%/150%Soul Fighter: During Kingfist’s/Frost Storm’s Gold Dragon effect, an Attaông chồng Power Bonus is added to:Kingfist by 150%/240%/340%/480%Kingstrike by 450%/720%/1,020%/1,440%Frost Storm/Ice Helix by 240%/400%/560%/800%.Gunslinger: Triple Shot grants the “Divine Dragon” buff for 10 seconds, adding an Attachồng Power Bonus to:Quickshot by 100%/150%/180%/240%Flame Unload by 300%/450%/550%/720%First hit of Flame Bullet Storm by 730%/1,150%/1,350%/1,700%Darkshot by 85%/110%/130%/180%First hit of Shadow Bullet Storm by 85%/115%/140%/195%Warden: Seismic Strike grants the “Divine Dragon” buff for 15 seconds, adding an Attaông xã nguồn Bonus to:First hit of Greatslash/Blade Frenzy by 120%/200%/280%/?Fellstrike/Raze by 215%/360%/500%/?First hit of Bloodstorm by 270%/450%/635%/?

Tiger Bracelet:

Blade Master: Lightning Draw/Searing Slash grants the “Tiger” buff for 10 seconds, adding an Attaông xã nguồn bonus to:Honed Slash by 185%/250%/325%/410% at Stages 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, và 10 respectively.Dragontoungue by 180%/240%/310%/390%Kung Fu Master: During Searing Palm’s Unleashed effect, an Attack Power nguồn Bonus is added to:Flame Comet Strike by 160%/230%/340%/500%Wind Comet Strike by 100%/140%/250%/380%Force Master: Dual Dragons grants the “Tiger” buff for 10 seconds, adding an Attack Power nguồn Bonus to:Dragonchar/Blazing Beam by 90%/145%/200%/290%Glacial Beam by 45%/70%/100%/145%Destroyer:Mighty Cleave sầu grants the “Earth Tiger” buff for 6 seconds, adding an Attack nguồn Bonus to Cleave sầu by 70%/100%/130%/200%Galeforce grants the “Shadow Tiger” buff for 2 seconds, adding an Attack Power nguồn Bonus to lớn Eradicate by 70%/100%/130%/200%Assassin: Poison Breath/Choke Bomb grants the “Tiger” buff for 10 seconds, adding an Attaông chồng Power nguồn Bonus to:Dark Strike by 140%/180%/225%/450%Lightning Rod – Move 1 by 190%/250%/310%/620%Summoner: Vine Whip/Thorn Strike grants the “Tiger” buff for 6 seconds, adding an Attack nguồn Bonus to:Rumblebees by 34%/44%/55%/110%Sunflower/Super Sunflower by 23%/30%/38%/75%Blade Dancer:The last hit of Multislash grants the “Wind Tiger” buff for 9 seconds, adding an Attaông chồng Power Bonus to Rolling Typhoon by 90%/120%/150%/305%.Storm Cleave sầu grants the “Lightning Tiger” buff for 9 seconds, adding an Attaông chồng Power Bonus khổng lồ Lightning Flash by 50%/70%/90%/185%.Warlock: Soul Shackle grants the “Tiger” buff for 9 seconds, adding an Attack nguồn Bonus to:Dragongọi by 85%/110%/140%/280%Dragon Helix by 80%/105%/130%/260%Soul Fighter: Iron Shoulder grants the “Tiger” buff for 4 seconds, adding Attack nguồn Bonus to:Cobalt Punch by 130%/200%/280%/400%Right Punch by 70%/110%/150%/220%Dragonfury by 70%/110%/150%/220%Gunslinger: Scorched Earth grants the “Tiger” buff for 15 seconds, adding an Attachồng nguồn Bonus to:Quickshot by 140%/200%/240%/330%Flame Unload by 420%/600%/720%/1,000%First hit of Flame Bullet Storm by 960%/1,320%/1,650%/2,200%Darkshot by 110%/150%/180%/250%First hit of Shadow Bullet Storm by 120%/160%/195%/270%Warden: Blade Ward grants the “Tiger” buff for 12 seconds, adding an Attaông chồng Power nguồn Bonus to:First hit of Blade Barrage by 120%/200%/280%/400%First hit of Sonic Strike by 115%/190%/265%/380%First hit of Sword Salvo/Divine Strike by 750%/1,235%/1,725%/2,470%

Xanos Discs


These are used lớn tăng cấp lớn Baleful/Seraph from Stage 9 to 10 to 11 to 12, using one per stage. They can come in a sealed khung which is tradeable.



These stones are fairly comtháng, and are used for evolving Raven weapon stage 7-9, Hellion Ring or Earring breakthroughs, và Awakened Skybreak Spire accessories, as well as using 25 khổng lồ buy a Khanda Vihar Elemental Prism from Coin Exchange Merchant Junsorei in most towns along with 250 Hellion Cores & 100 Gold khổng lồ upgrade a Faded Raven Accessory inkhổng lồ a Skybreak Spire accessory. The daily for this dungeon give sầu fragments, 10 of which can be combined inkhổng lồ a single Blackstone.

Draken Core


The final boss drops a chest containing this chiến thắng. On Normal, the chest contains 1 with a chance for an additional 5; on Hard the chest contains 2 with a chance for an additional 10.

A Stage 1 Draken accessory can be received by trading in 100 Draken Cores to lớn Coin Exchange Merchant Junsorei in most towns, or 50 Cores và 8,000 Celestial Peaches khổng lồ Celestial Peach Exchange Merchant Lee Youjin at Celestial Basin.


Forgotten Raven King’s Soul Shield Chest

Hard Mode can drop this chest which contains a random piece of the Skybreak Spire Soul Shield.

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