Last week, the Blade và Soul Korean trang web released a “New Update” teaser with what looks to be a new class silhouetted in the background with a massive sword reminiscent of Cloud’s Buster Sword in Final Fantasy VII.

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The image sparked a hefty round of rumors and speculation on the game’s subreddit page. The popular theory is that it will be a new Warrior class released sometime in June. Datamining efforts clayên that the Jin & Gon races will be trang chủ to the yet unrevealed class. Datamining also suggests that an Archer class will also be coming to lớn the Jin and Lyn races. NCSoft Korea, however, remains close-mouthed about the update or when it will roll out. But it’s probably safe to say that we won’t be seeing new classes on the Western kết thúc any time soon.

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What we vày know is that Blade and Soul recently received a massive sầu nội dung drop when the Eternal Night update went live earlier this month. You can kiểm tra out the official trailer below.


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