BnS Tools is a community tín đồ trang web where anybody is welcomed and can contribute. The site has made great improvements thanks khổng lồ all the comments, insights, ideas we have sầu received... The future of BnS tools is yours so join us on Discord! You might have sầu seen LittleSoyun there, for those who are interested on adding her khổng lồ their discord you can vì chưng so following the link in #littlesoyun-monologue.

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BnS Tools was created by Coincoin on a whim after seeing this reddit post from Silveress who presented the awesome API v2. The first public version went out on 11 August 2017. Collaborative sầu works have ensued since, & Alex an enthusiast, bothered by the poor early design of BnS Tools, joined the adventure khổng lồ make things better và look greater. Later soon, Pormos, an accomplished tech tín đồ & dev, also joined the boat. And the ship is still sailing...

Upcoming features và ideas

→ Add frenzy hour list in Dungeons tab→ Tooltips on price for their price per unit and colorful helper for equipment summary inputs→ Better Market Tab UX→ Account tab where you could store your items→ Possibility lớn see your PvPhường. stats và weapon duration in Settings dropdown→ Add notifications for triggered watch danh sách vật phẩm price, weapon duration...→ A timer system where market data could be refresh

✔ Introduce BnS Tools PvE và PvPhường scoring
✔ Guides are now viewable in real dark theme
✔ Better tab browsing

✔ Character tab available with rankings
✔ Renewal engine of Equipment (new path finding, algorithms, gears update)
✔ Fix automatic accordion when typing recipes manually
✔ Fix bugs on Firefox
✔ Remove sầu deprecated treasure chests
✔ Update HMCoins exchange items

✔ Academy guides available
✔ Dungeons tab updated. Now default dungeons listed are today dailies.
✔ Time tab merged with dungeons.

✔ Equipment paths updates (Aransu weapon, Void fragment path, BT and other legendary accessories)
✔ Chest droprates are now automatically updated thanks to lớn community entries
✔ Added Plentiful Harvest Crate droprates

✔ Dungeons tab available with filtering, sorting on gold, quest name, xp gained...
✔ Current daily dungeons can now be saved
✔ Premium calculator available in Settings
✔ Better menu for mobile
✔ Expensive sầu items more accurate và ordered

✔ Chest droprates update with Gunslinger patch
✔ Watchlist items now in a table form khổng lồ see best prices in a blink
✔ Better cabịt management
✔ Rekiến thiết graph displaying with Silveress" one
✔ Detail more market data informations on item

✔ Recipes costs available in equipment thanks lớn Pormos
✔ Added BnS lượt thích hotkeys lớn access different tools
✔ Profile tab available on http://hjwitteveen.com (without https)
✔ Fix favorite chiến thắng and recipes bug
✔ Add Baleful to lớn Riftwalk path và Seraph lớn Dawnforged path
✔ Better saving management và persistent cabít data

✔ Gunslinger recipes recent change available
✔ UX & kiến thiết update for recipes tools
✔ Accessories are now in equipment
✔ Added PDT Time and rephối dungeon time for NA
✔ Transmute recipes are now back

✔ F9 Exchange rate calculator available
✔ F10 items estimator
✔ Accessories recipe are available in recipe => profession => upgrade
✔ Better time tab: daily challenge visual, dungeon reset timer
✔ Master Hong và Cute JinSoyun in footer
✔ Introduce settings dropdown with region và theme toggle

✔ Reinforce treasure pouch input stats
✔ Add hidden/lucent/rare treasure chest stats
✔ Nice icons for the navigation bar menu
✔ Added some fadein effects

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✔ Change of thực đơn design with Alex help
✔ More friendly thực đơn available for điện thoại on top right
✔ Add Smelting Orb approach for PvPhường weapons
✔ Collapsible detail weapon paths for more visibility

✔ Allow to modify/diminish the amount of items needed if you have them for recipes
✔ Smooth theme transition

✔ Display a summary of total amount of items needed in equipment tools
✔ Allow you khổng lồ modify/diminish the amount of items needed if you already have them for equipment
✔ UX improvements (pretty price & dark theme)
✔ More recipes which could not be displayed
✔ Fix Auric Nebula stone path

✔ Improved dark theme version by Alex
✔ The theme preference is now saved for next session
✔ Fixed some bugs to match with the new Silveress API listings (sorry historical resetted)

✔ Awesome Dark Theme by Alex
✔ You can switch between themes with a toggle
✔ Consider Sealed void fragment price in weapon upgrades
✔ Make kết thúc equipment persistent when possible at start equipment change
✔ Fix bugs for equipement (nebula from Ivory)

✔ Cute new header by Alex !
✔ Better style CSS reload when new version is up
✔ Fix nebula/classic bug where changes were not directly effective when checking an option
✔ Fix major bug where we could not change the weapon paths
✔ Include the basic cost fees in weapon upgrades
✔ Clean duplicate weapon paths
✔ Add missing path from Ivory weapon to Seraph

✔ Souls & Galaxy/Ascendant paths are now available
✔ Nebula approach is now checkable as an option
✔ Add dropdowns for weapon select and stage separately
✔ Add SPTS market price in SPTS Tools
✔ Add Daily challenges rewards & dungeons in Time Tools by Alex

✔ New version page by Alex
✔ Fix autocomplete bug on Chrome for market items
✔ Better searching tree algorithm for Weapons Tool
✔ Add ingredients images in Weapons Tool

✔ Secure HTTPS available on new tên miền https://www.hjwitteveen.com
✔ Weapons Tool is now usable with prices
✔ Fix a bug which made SPTS và treasure pouch unavailable
✔ Weapons Tools tab in altrộn version
✔ Recipes now are directly linked with Silveress data
✔ Improve sầu SPTS simulator output
✔ New SPTS simulator which gives you probability over your crafts

✔ Add favorite recipes (saved for next session)
✔ Add favorite items in watchcác mục (it is saved for next session)
✔ Disable SPTS for correct calculations temporarily for fix
✔ Add the timer tab UTC / local time
✔ Watchcác mục items can now be saved on your computer

✔ Fix recipe market price bug where notification was unchanged
✔ Update some old recipes
✔ Added autocomplete tìm kiếm for recipes
✔ Clear cabịt system on the client side so that new updates are effective

✔ Add cookie management lớn save sầu region và autochoose the last saved one
✔ Better notification with selected region
✔ Safer asynchronous Call for recipes

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