Ah, yes. My favorite client-crashing error is bachồng. Only this time, it doesn"t seem lượt thích turning my graphics all the way down helps any; I"ve sầu had the game crash several times even after this method of "fix." I had this error a lot during CBT2 và was very politely vehement about it. I finally caved & used the last of my holiday money khổng lồ buy a Founder"s Paông chồng out of sheer hype, only lớn have this stupid error rear its ugly head at me again for Head Start.

Bạn đang xem: Disconnected from server (1000) (132,15100): bladeandsoul


For background - whenever I try lớn load inlớn the Bandit"s Hideout instance, the game starts to lớn run really huge (going from 1.1k MB lớn 1.6k+, the largest it got was almost 2k MB) then eventually crashes with this error:



Before, turning my graphics to the bare minimum worked out decently enough (I crashed while loading inlớn several other, different instances) but this time it doesn"t seem to wanna work at all. I was invited lớn play CBT3 & the error was completely absent, & I was able khổng lồ play on the highest graphics just fine (albeit with awful load times lol).So... why is this error back?Some more info:Yes, my drivers are up to date. I kiểm tra them once or twice a week và FFXIV doesn"t like opening the game at all on my laptop unless they are.I have sầu the space RAM-wise lớn run the game just fine. I have sầu 8GB.A dxdiag copypasta can be found here for hardware references.


Some failed fixes: (Credits to Shaddarius, post here!)

"1. Reinstallingfixing game. Fixing via Fix in launcher. (win 788.110, same x86 & x64 for all)

2. Reinstalling windows (win 788.110, same x86 and x64 for all).

3. Forwarding ports & disabling firewalls. Had a dedicated linux router catching all failed to deliver packets. Ofc router was just a sniffer to lớn overview the trafic. The trafic itself was transparently forwarded lớn the pc. As an experiment tried to fake trắng ip on machine, forwarding lớn inner network, ovpn và ssh tunneling to 3 different servers (DE, NL, FR) in mixes. Ofc inner firewall was disabled correctly via service & regedit with no hidden blocking (tested on router).

Xem thêm: Farewell Party Là Gì - Tiệc Chia Tay Nên Tặng Quà Gì

4. Graphics tricks - such as lowering graphics, window modes, changing video cards even (i was really bored =) ) (gtx 970, gtx 980, R9 295) with old & new sets of drivers clean installs via devmgmt & cài đặt with driver software.

5. Tricks with tcp achồng, delaying responses (in case game server has adaptive delay). Some of tricks caused the game protection to alarm but most of them worked, yet with no success.

6. The last stage of my desperation was trying to lớn launch the game from dedicated servers from EU (same DE, NL, FR) with same no success."

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