I can never găng tay this enough. Make sure your weapon is 6 slotted before upgrading it! Meaning you must be able to put 6 gems inlớn your weapon!Its okay to use it as a temporary but once you start upgrading, there is no going bachồng. Unless you are willing to start from Stage 1 againYou can purchase your weapon again & again at gr& harvest square with Naryu Silver after you did Act 7 Chapter 1.I find Celestial Basin a good way to lớn farm for Naryu Silver if you need it. Just kill the field mini boss and they will drop 2 each time.

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This is a simple guide on upgrading your Baleful/Seraph. To make things easy, I will refer to lớn all weapon as Bale, and the number behind them as the stage.Materials to lớn nâng cấp = matsThis guide is lớn be followed loosely! Different people have different by rng or whatever so you have khổng lồ make your own decision at the end of the day.

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Naryu Tablet:They can be found everywhere in dungeon(f8) and not a lot of people needs it. This should be very easy khổng lồ farm and bid for 1 copper.Soulstone Crystal/ Moonstone Crystal/ Elysian Crystal:These are often found in Treasure Pouches with the exception of Soulstone crystal which can be found in stacks of 10.Pouches are often bid pretty high because everyone needs them even if they are very strong.It is often a big waste lớn convert Soulstone/Moonstone/Elysian Orb to nâng cấp them as they can be sold for a high price, or use in other areas where you can"t use the crystal version.
Soul 106%
Moon 43%
Sacred 108%
Elysian 35%
An average around 200pouches I opened.Lair of the Frozen Fang is the first dungeon that will drop pouches.Heaven"s mandate and Cold Storage will always have sầu personal loot of the pouch.Shattered Mast has the chance to drop the most pouches(3+5 from what I remember) in one run when it crit, rethành viên lớn kiểm tra the 2nd last boss as it might have sầu a chance khổng lồ drop it too.Flower of Lament:
Given to lớn you from quest, if not Sogun"s Lament will always drop 1 and one personal petalTiakhan"s skin:Shattered mast. Personal estimation of around 33% drop rate. Like I said, personal estimation, it might widely varies.Tips: While farming for the skin, you can actually get your Pinnacle Bracelet & Pinnacle Necklace here. I think they are better than Solak or Hallow"s mix. Forging Orb:Found in Naryu Foundry. Not sure about drop rate, feels lượt thích less then 20%.Transformation stone:Grab it from f5 or craft it yourself if you are in Forge Keeper guildVoid stone:Best way to get this is Celestial Basin with Peaches. Naryu sanctum drop them too but its prolly too hard now with our current gear.So the question, which path khổng lồ upgrade?Like I said, it really depends. Personally I would recommkết thúc the Void Stone path because I think its easier to farm void stone rather than the weapon and mats. The main story gives you very limited amount of void stone. You might get lucky with the daily dash too. And void stone path was created khổng lồ nâng cấp weapon cheaper.Thus, you have to lớn decide which path you wants
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