And now here I am on my Blade Master spending the last 2 hours farming Croak King"s Court for the Razer for my Warloông xã.

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Underst& the wheel of fate RNG being bad in blade & soul

Now I can somewhat underst& the wheel of fate RNG being bad (70+ attempts and not one chest outfit). But the fact that I'm going through 20-30 chests lớn get one weapon is absolute asinine. Earlier today on my warloông xã, I went through 15 chests to get a Razer from Profane. 2 weeks ago I spent 25 chests to get the force master weapon from Hajikar. And now here I am on my Blade Master spending the last 2 hours farming Croak King's Court for the Razer for my Warlochồng. I've farmed the place 18 times and not only have sầu I gotten every weapon BUT the razor (all 7 of them). I just got double of each of them. Now you can say I can either buy it from the auction house or use a key. But a) I'm not spending the 1 key I get for không lấy phí on that. b) I'm not spending 2 blade and soul gold for this one thành tích where every other weapon is selling for 5-30 silver. I might as well sell some of these lớn get some money for my worth.

One would think a 1 in 8 chance (12.5% chance) of dropping should show up within 15 attempts. But apparently not.


But this RNG is getting frustrating.

It eventually dropped on my 22nd try but still. I'm royally pissed off.

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I would seriously hate to see how crate drop rates will be once Spirit Fighter joins. 1 in 8 seems bad (12.5% chance to drop). But Spirit Fighter will make that chance worse (11.1% chance lớn drop).

Actually each run took 4-5 minutes lớn run so wasting 2 hours on something that should not have taken that long is what I was pissed about. The fact that it took 22 attempts và getting 2-4 duplicates of every weapon but the one I wanted is what really pisses me off. Yes I know RNG is RNG but when i had 2 string of bad RNG in one day, I would say I would be ticked off.

All I'm suggesting is some khung of RNG "PROTECTION" for weapon drops. Something along the lines of increased chance on a weapon you don't have in your bags. Considering leveling up, Weapon upgrades are one of the biggest things to upgrade, slowing down your leveling experience just to lớn farm a weapon can feel frustrating.

As I indicated this is not my first alt. I already leveled & partially geared up a Force Master before this. And as mentioned I had horrid RNG on that toon as well (25 attempts on the Hajikar trùm before I got the weapon drop on that (3 keys per attempt = 75 wasted keys))

As for choosing not to lớn Buy BNS Gold, Are you telling me that you would spkết thúc 2 blade & soul gold on an thành tựu when EVERY OTHER WEAPON from that instance is going for 5-40 silver? Yes I know people are capitalizing on new Warlocks, but I Điện thoại tư vấn rip off on that.

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