My in game name is PhantomToast and I play on the NA-Yura VPS.I’ve sầu been playing since Beta và wish lớn cốt truyện my experiences và thoughts about this class.I have a few notable achievements, hopefully those can persuade you that I am qualified for writing và sharing my thoughts:

My first time playing this class was on KR VPS, when all you can bởi is hold heart stab to lớn stay in stealth. It was quite a meme khổng lồ play assassin baông chồng then, but good news is that sin is a great class to play right now. I play this class because I liked the concept of comboing, & I thought this was the only class that can chain CC. Anyway, about the class:


High damageParty buffParty iframeHigh mobility


Hard lớn playRequires good ping/fpsHarsh DPS environment

That was a lot of general ideas about the class và stuff that you probably don’t care about, so let’s get into lớn more details about what the class actually does.

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Pre-Level 50:

For people new lớn this class, make sure to lớn have sầu a good pc and connection lớn the server if you want khổng lồ be sufficient with assassin, or else I suggest other classes.

How important is ping & FPS?

This class’ rotation revolves around lowering cooldowns and stacking certain buffs within a short amount of time. If you have trouble executing in a limited time frame, then your rotation will collapse and will find the class to be weak (damage not proportional to gear).

Some ideas lớn keep in mind if you decided lớn play assassin:

There are no “useless” skills, each skill serves its purpose depending on the situation.Know what each skill does, read the description carefully. (at least know that time bomb resets 5 stacks of poison without me telling you, it is written in the skill description)CC only when you need to lớn, those skills usually have low damage.Spamming skill keys is not always the best way to maximize DPS.


Some people think assassin is the easiest class because of the “perma-stealth” technique that had been used since release. Utilizing stealth will be the best way to lớn level your character.

Stealth: Gain 30% Evasion Rate, 30% Crit Damage

Enemies without “true sight” buff will thua kém target when you enter stealth (only applies to cấp độ 45 or lower).

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Poison stacking: some skills will apply “poison” lớn enemy that last for 10s, và can be stacked up khổng lồ 5 times.

For example, Shadow Dash(1), Landmine (z), Venom Pierce (rmb).

I will be going inkhổng lồ the stacking process later on, just keep in mind that some skills requires poison lớn activate.

Ways to lớn enter stealth:

Shadow Dash(1), Hook Kick (tab)

Ways khổng lồ maintain stealth (in stealth already):

Shadow Drain (1) *requires at least 1 stachồng of poison khổng lồ refresh stealth


Once you hit màn chơi 4, you can start doing some basic rotations IN STEALTH,

Heart stab>lightning crash>heart stab>lightning crash (repeat)

Or often seen as:



What it should look like:


Tips and tricks:

You actually only need Shadow Dash (1) lớn permanently stay in stealth, as it puts you inlớn stealth when used from behind the enemy và only has a cooldown of 6s. Keep in mind that you can only use this skill when you are 5m+ away.

***make sure you get comfortable with stealth mechanics, know how to stay in stealth và leave sầu stealth with lightning rod (4) and shadow kichồng (tab)***

Post-cấp độ 50:

*piông xã a build when you hit level 50. Different build requires different gears, so piông chồng carefully.

Builds: (subject to change)

LightningMost difficult assassin buildBad DPS environmentHighest sustained DPS in gameShadow TigerEasy khổng lồ masterGood DPS environmentMediocre sustained DPSLow burst DPSShadow DragonMedium difficultyGood DPS environmentHigh burst DPSAbove average sustained DPS

4. Shadow (starbreaker)

Endgame shadow buildHigh burst, high sustainRely on soulburn for burst

If you are a visual learner:

Lightning Shadow Tiger Shadow Dragon

Now that you have decided which build khổng lồ play, let’s get into each one of them separately:



Some honest opinion here: I suggest everyone lớn play shadow build. It might not shine as much as lightning build before obtaining certain gear (starbreaker bracelet), but the difference between the two builds is only about 10% for endgame under perfect scenargame ios (not going to lớn happen 99% of the time). Lightning is better, but it’s not worth playing to be honest.

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