In Update 2.11, charge onkhổng lồ the Halynhỏ Fold with Varya, a lightning mage who strikes down enemies with bolts of electrithành phố, challenge yourself khổng lồ get your best rank ever in Winter season, play a brand-new seasonal BRAWL mode with intense teamfight action và get ‘Championship’ Catherine for FREE by following specific steps. Buckle up & read all the changes below …





Varya is an electric valkyrie who devastates enemies by chaining together her abilities lớn deliver massive damage. điện thoại tư vấn upon her ultimate, Anhjwitteveen.coml’s Hammer, to lớn unleash a series of lightning strikes on every enemy anh hùng, no matter where they are on the bản đồ.

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Varya is unlockable with ICE only for the first seven days. Afterward, you will be able lớn unlock her with ICE or Glory.




Varya’s attacks deal crystal damage. If Varya holds her ground after attacking, she will strike her target & additional enemies with a bolt of Chain Lightning. This bolt đơn hàng the same damage & consumes energy.


Varya throws a lightning spear that giao dịch damage khổng lồ the first enemy anh hùng hit. The lightning will then bounce to lớn nearby enemies dealing damage. Stormforged Spear has a reduced cast time when used during or after Arc Recursion.


After gathering power, Varya’s next two move commands will instantly dash in the chosen direction, dealing damage to nearby enemies upon arrival. Varya gains energy và some of her health as barrier for each enemy hit. Varya can cancel this early lớn dash a single time.

ANhjwitteveen.comL’S HAMMER (ULTIMATE)

After channeling, Varya calls down a series of lightning strikes on all enemy heroes, dealing damage per hit.

Ranking up this ability increases Varya’s attachồng speed and the number of enemies struông chồng by Chain Lightning & Stormforged Spear.



Stormforged Spear (A) đơn hàng more damage và stuns on impact.


Arc Recursion (B) grants additional barrier & charges up more quickly.



Anhjwitteveen.coml’s Hammer (Ult) delivers two additional strikes & no longer has reduced damage for consecutive sầu hits.


At the heart of any MOBA is teamfighting action. Players want to feel lượt thích superstars — where they’ve sầu unlocked a hero’s full power and their ultimate potential as a game thủ — and those rare moments when everything comes together are pure magic. You know you can bởi no wrong. You’re carrying your team, & you know that your teammates are marveling at your skill. The only complaint a MOBA player has in times lượt thích these is they wish they weren’t so rare.

Enter “Onslaught,” a new Vainglory short BRAWL game mode where two teams of three players lock horns in escalating rounds of intense, tight-quarters combat. Each round, the stakes are raised, with more gold khổng lồ spend & new superpowered Talents from which to lớn choose. And because it’s ALL action, your true teamfighting skill emerges nearly every match.

For players who don’t have time for a full 20-minute MOBA match and players who just want short bursts of intense fun, Onslaught will be the new tín đồ favorite.


Onslaught’s round-based play is broken down into three parts:


Each round, you can select one talent for the nhân vật you’re playing. Selecting a talent in a round exhausts it; you cannot select it in another round of that Onslaught match.


Each round, you’ll be granted gold along with any gold unspent from prior rounds of the match. Buy items khổng lồ be stronger in the inehjwitteveen.comtable teamfights lớn follow!


Once you’ve selected your talent and spent your gold, indicate that you’re ready for the next round. Once all players have hit “ready” the round will start. Note: If you take too long, the round will start anyway, so don’t ponder the options too long! You only get one life each round (no respawning), so make it count!


If you’ve sầu read this far và are thinking, “I’ll just play a stealth nhân vật and hide the whole match,” well, we thought of that, too. Over time, the play area will shrink, forcing players to lớn fight to lớn the death. There’s no escape from the onslaught.


While plenty of BRAWL players will casually enjoy Onslaught’s action, there is a wellspring of strategic decision-making just beneath the surface:

You can deliberately save sầu unspent gold for a bigger bounty lớn spkết thúc next round. Any unspent gold from the prehjwitteveen.comous round will accrue interest for the next one. You’ll be weaker for one round, but you’ll then have an unexpected power spike that others don’t.You can strategically select (or opt-out) of talents each round. Because there are five rounds per match, you’ll only have a talent buff in at most three rounds, and that’s if you have sầu the Rare, Epic & Legendary talents for that anh hùng. You’ll need khổng lồ decide when you want to lớn be svào, when you can afford to be weaker, and which talent is most important to lớn use when. Should you use your Legendary talent early khổng lồ balance out lack of items … or should you wait for a big bang of power in the late stages of the onslaught? And since every hero has radically different talents, these decisions vary not just from round to lớn round, but also hero lớn nhân vật.Your Five-nhân vật Chest just became a thing.

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In order lớn maximize your power each match, you’ll need the Rare, Epic and Legendary talents for your hero of choice. Remember: Playing any public game mode with a anh hùng will count toward your Five-hero Chest, & once you’ve completed matches with five sầu different heroes, that chest will pay out with a random combination of Rare, Epic và Legendary talents. This is a great (và free) way to lớn exp& your talents collection and give sầu you more options in more rounds of Onslaught combat.

Onslaught is a seasonal BRAWL game mode being introduced for Vainglory’s Winter season start. Also in the works is Vainglory’s long-requested, long-awaited 5v5 mode, which will be unveiled during the 2017 Vainglory World Championship Dec. 14-17. If you haven’t pre-registered for Vainglory 5v5, do it now khổng lồ get a chance at early 5v5 access and to lớn get the Founding 5v5 player badge! — PlayoffBeard 

But those dehjwitteveen.comces và technology are now here, và the unveiling moment is fast approaching. Afterward, one clear question will ring out over và over again: “When can I play it?”

The answer depends on your luchồng … and your determination.

Before anyone else enters Vainglory 5V5, a fortunate few will achieve sầu Early Access by hjwitteveen.comrtue of something new: Golden Tickets.


Golden Tickets are the only guaranteed entry system into lớn Vainglory 5V5 Early Access. If you have sầu a Golden Ticket, you will be ahy vọng the first people ever lớn phối foot on the new maps & experience its wonders … and dragons.


You can acquire a Golden Ticket in multiple ways, & you’re welcome to participate in any or all options:

Every quest you complete beginning Dec. 17 could pay out a Golden Ticket. Immediately following the World Championship, when you complete a quest, there’s a small chance that the chest you open will contain a Golden Ticket.Special holiday-themed boxes (arrihjwitteveen.comng Dec. 17). We wanted to lớn include a way to honor those who support Vainglory through premium box purchases. And while the odds of getting a Golden Ticket in these boxes will be quite low, they will be loaded with amazing content that makes every pull very worthwhile, whether you luông xã inkhổng lồ a Golden Ticket or not.

No matter what methods you choose, finding a Golden Ticket will be a rare, special occurrence, so if you succeed, count yourself lucky & congratulations!


We are so thrilled to bring this 5V5 dream to life, which belongs as much to Vainglory’s players as our dev team. From the very beginning, we’ve believed that every phone was a portable next-gen console, & that every điện thoại player deserved games just as core, strategic and performant as players on PC. Vainglory 5V5 speaks lớn the heart of what Super Ehjwitteveen.coml Megacorp stands for, và our 5V5 MOBA will be deeply strategic & tactical, with console-grade performance, based on deep, original fantasy storytelling.

We’ll see you during the global unveiling of Vainglory 5V5 at Worlds, & afterward, happy Golden Ticket hunting! With a little luck, you’ll be playing 5v5 before everyone else!

RELATED 5V5 hjwitteveen.comDEOS:

Each Vainglory season is a fresh challenge with new dynamics. Resetting players’ rank gives all players a chance khổng lồ advance every season & show their true skill in an ever-evolhjwitteveen.comng meta.

Like last season, we’re granting all players bonus progress on their Winter rank based on prior Ranked performance for a head start.

Your Autumn rank is now immortalized in your profile’s Trophy Case.See your best Autumn rank along with your allies’ on the Ranked match loading screen.Your rank will be reset for the start of Winter, along with bonus progress based on past performance. Rank up for a fresh challenge.Note: Your Blitz Score will not be rephối.

‘Championship’ Catherine (Special Edition)

To celebrate the 2017 Vainglory World Championship, you’ll have sầu a limited-time opportunity khổng lồ get a brand-new Catherine skin free! You don’t have sầu lớn attover the sự kiện in Singapore, & you don’t have sầu khổng lồ spkết thúc any ICE or Glory. Just follow the directions below, and be sure to lớn watch the biggest esports sự kiện in Vainglory history Dec. 14-17 as we crown a new world champion & give away the new “Championship Catherine” skin!


Get her FREE: To qualify for this limited-time offer, you must follow these steps exactly:

mở cửa your Vainglory app on Sunday, Dec. 17.
Tap the WATCH LIVE button
on the in-game World Championship banner found in the rotating carousel. Doing so will redirect you to the stream. You must tap through the in-game banner or else we will not collect your player name & cannot unloông chồng the skin for you!Watch the live broadcast continuously for at least 30 minutes khổng lồ gain eligibility.The skin will be automatically added lớn your player account within 7 days.

Remember, you must follow these steps to lớn be eligible to receive sầu ‘Championship’ Catherine for không tính tiền. 

For more information, tap HERE.

Get her EARLY: Those of you who can’t wait to lớn bop enemies on the nose with ‘Championship’ Catherine’s massive sầu foam finger, pull her from a World Championship Catherine Box for 199 ICE when Update 2.11 goes live Dec. 5.

The chances of pulling her skin are 1/8.


Giant red #1 foam finger!Skaarf bagFuzzy minion head hatSuperfan esports outfit!White shorts, red belt, red và White socks & sporty shoesVainglory jersey with CATHERINE on the back



Confetti-shooting, red recolored effects!Vainglory symbol SLAMS lớn the ground during Blast TremorMercilessly Pursue your enemy with a foam-fingered BOOP!Swirling red Stormguard bubble with circling Vainglory symbols


‘Mall Santa’ Reyên ổn (Special Edition)


What gifts vì chưng you want this year? Head khổng lồ the mall and tell Santa! Read on khổng lồ learn more about ‘Mall Santa’ Reyên. (Warning: He smells lượt thích beef and cheese.)


Dec. 5 at 5PM PST – Dec. 13: Santa Relặng Legendary Talent Bundle for 1199 ICEDec. 13 at 5PM PST: Direct purchase for 900 ICE



Bushy trắng beardCozy red, fur-lined costume with Santa hat, white gloves & black bootsMistletoe in case of kissesSanta & Rudolph in one! Glowing nose và antlers for foggy Joy Festival EvesCandy cane staff wrapped with blinking, multi-colored festival lights!


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