I've been thinking of trying out x-mouse, but I'm a little worried. I don't plan on using it as an entire macro skillmix, but rather mix my rmb to lớn t, and then my mouse right-cliông chồng khổng lồ t through x-mouse. I'm already comfortable animation canceling with just my normal lmb rmb f etc., but there's always a slight delay with mouse input compared khổng lồ keyboard đầu vào. I've heard from others that x-mouse was a way lớn alleviate this issue. So my questions are:

Is using x-mouse allowed? If yes, what's NCSoft's stance on it (ex. if something screws up they aren't liable)?

Is there anything I need khổng lồ bởi vì in terms of bypassing Xigncode with it?

Any guides or tips you guys think I should refer to for setup or general usage?

Anything else you guys think I should be aware of?

EDIT: I play an assassin class.Quý Khách đang xem: Bns: hướng dẫn setup và áp dụng macro cực kỳ dễ dàng và đơn giản vào game

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cấp độ 13 years agoSomeone did not bởi vì his homework.

Bạn đang xem: Hướng dẫn sử dụng macro hỗ trợ combo tối ưu dps blade and soul

2ShareReportSavecấp độ 2Original Poster3 years ago

I did search up past threads (the one you linked being one of them, which is definitely useful for setup), but the majority of them are about 6+ months old. My main concern is finding out NCSoft's current stance as of now regarding using x-mouse for rebinding, such as what I should be aware of so I'm not breaking their terms.

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cấp độ 13 years ago1 as far as i know....

Xem thêm: Debian Administrator: Ebook Debian Server (Sistem Operasi Debian)

2 No

3 it still is awkward khổng lồ use, as you will have khổng lồ thiết lập a key to enable R và T bind or you mess most of the game controls (as most menus & buttons are meant lớn be used with the normal mouse buttons)

4 no macros & you will be fine, even for pvp (just keybinds)

PS: still waiting for the day the game engine allows for proper keybinds, be it mouse or any other controler

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Thanks for the reply. How much of an improvement did you find when you started using x-mouse?

1ShareReportSavelevel 1Xinuos - WL - Yura3 years ago

If you put 3+r+f or something, that would be bad. Seeing RMB to T is perfectly acceptable.

Edit: you shouldn't need to vày any extra setup/bypass/etc.

Also, be aware that there is a key in x mouse that toggles disabling it. You may want to turn that off.

1ShareReportSavecấp độ 2Original Poster3 years ago

Thanks for the reply. /u/dotimus mentioned about the mouse rebinds would interfere with normal mouse controls (which affect menus, buttons, etc.). Wouldn't it be recommended to lớn keep the toggle enabled for whenever I'll need the normal mouse controls or did you have sầu another method in mind?

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