Ba Dao officially launches Closed Beta version players at 10:00 on May 29. Quickly join the game Ba Đao 360game and immediately receive sầu the very best Ba Đao Code, many different types of Ba Dao code are waiting for you to receive sầu the reward.

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Webgame Ba Dao is the game product released on the 360game game portal of VNG. Gaem is designed on a web-based platkhung with beautiful graphics và classic role-playing gameplay. Ba Dao 360game allows players khổng lồ experience the exciting journey of traveling. Not only that, accompanying gamers, a lot of Ba Dao code for players on the occasion of the Closed Beta 29/5.

Play Ba Dao game on PC & get the awesome Ba Dao code right away

Instructions on how to lớn receive code Ba Dao

Way 1 : Get the code at the code summary page of (You can press Ctrl + D to create bookmarks, the code will be updated regularly).

trò chơi Webgame Ba Dao officially opens the Cđại bại Beta version at 10 o’clock, on May 29. On this big event, the management board of Ba Dao 360game has deployed a lot of extremely attractive sầu Ba Dao giftcode packages for gamers on the whole server. To get the lademo Ba Đao code, gamers need lớn participate in activities on the Webgame Ba Đao forums. Below are the code Bá Đao celebrating the first server opening, for more information here.

Note: The above sầu code can only be used once và applies lớn all Webgame Ba Đao players on release date.

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Method 2 : You can receive the code Webgame Ba Dao on the trang web specializing in the game or participate in the events being held on the official page of the game, refer to the hot events. here.Method 3: Join the sự kiện in the group Webgame Ba Dao here.

Instructions on how to lớn enter code Webgame Ba Đao

Step 1 : On the main screen interface of the game, select the part Welfare District.


Step 2 : A new interface will open, select the part Giftcode , then enter the code Bá Đao and press Take .



Above, we have shown you how lớn receive sầu and enter Ba Đao code. You can also play Ba Đao on the computer right now. Gamers can follow the article How lớn play Ba Dao on the computer that we have sầu introduced for a more in-depth experience. Ba Dao is the next role-playing web game product launched in Vietnam market by 360game. The game brings players lớn experience in the immersive sầu world of swordsmanship combining beautiful graphics.

Code Pride for H5 for gamers playing games on this H5 background, you can get it right away Code Ngao Kiem H5 through our introductory tutorial.

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