With Giftcode supporting the new player MU Awaken, gamers will receive sầu valuable gifts to lớn support during the first time participating in the game.

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Giftcode is no longer something strange for many online games when most of the online mobile games when opening or organizing events have rewards received by Giftcode for gamers, recently the MU Awaken game on mobile. Giftcode has been released for không tính tiền with many valuable rewards for new players to lớn join.

This is an RPG role-playing game that is supposed khổng lồ evolve sầu from the MU Origin version, MU Awaken"s gameplay is very simple when the game has the same gameplay as most current swordplay games. This Giftcode will support gamers with some valuable items such as 5 Jade Bless, đôi mươi Gem Lochồng x4 and 200,000 Zen . How to receive sầu gifts from Giftcode MU Awaken you can see below this article.

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Instructions for receiving new gifts with Giftcode MU Awaken

Step 1: Visit this liên kết to lớn go to lớn Giftcode, then click on Receive sầu Giftcode khổng lồ get Giftcode.

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Once you have sầu the code, copy that code.


Step 2: Access this links khổng lồ enter MU Awaken"s giftcode entry page, log in with the trương mục you used and create the character in the game. The login tài khoản includes Facebook, Zalo, Zing ID & accounts with Private Thư điện tử lượt thích Gmail, HotMail. cảnh báo that you must Create a character first to enter the code.


Log in to your trương mục, then write the code into lớn the Code Information , under the Game Information section will be khổng lồ select the hệ thống you created the character, và select the character you want to lớn receive sầu the gift. Finally, enter the verification code & clichồng Receive Rewards .


Currently, MU Awaken has two versions for iOS & Android, but with the game plow hoe like this, it will be more convenient for players to lớn play on the PC version. If you want to play MU Awaken on PC, please see the installation guide through the article Instructions lớn install MU Awaken on the computer.

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