Perfect World VNG is finally released in Google Playstore & iOS. Players who pre-registered khổng lồ the game has given a miễn phí welcome rewards, these gifts are given through tin nhắn in a khung of redeem code. Players need to redeem these code to Perfect World VNG official website khổng lồ clalặng the rewards.

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How khổng lồ Redeem Code

To redeem the code, you need to lớn go to

Login your game trương mục then fill up the Code information, then select your server and game tài khoản. Don’t forget to write the captcha code then hit the Exchange Gift button.


If its successful, you’ll get an alert message that says “Exchange code success, login khổng lồ game khổng lồ see items”.

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How khổng lồ Get more Redeem Code

Here are the các mục of codes the are currently redeemable in the game.

PWMSEA2020Anyone can use this code1 x Eidolon Book Chest Lv.35 Pack2 x Ancient Scroll Lv.1 Sacred Book5 x Mirage Stone Lv.7 Refine Material
PWMPLAYNWAnyone can use this code???
PWTHAHASDWPre-registration code for players who pre-register only????

From time lớn time, Perfect World will be doing event. They may sending miễn phí redeem code during this event.

The upcoming event is in their Facebook page during Kayla Heredia event giveaway, where they will be giving away 150 Perfect World limited-edition fashion in-game items.

That’s it! If you have some redeem code khổng lồ nói qua in the page, just let us know in the comment section.

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