Tay Du Phong Than Ky is the newly released game of NPH Sohatrò chơi. Right now gamers can experience this Smartphone product, how khổng lồ own Code Tay Du Phong Than Ky, follow the article below.

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Tay Du Phong Than Ky Smartphone game belongs to lớn the role-playing genre released by Sohatrò chơi company in Vietnam market, trò chơi Journey lớn the West Phong Than Ky officially opened xuất hiện Beta on March 1. A lot of interesting code is waiting for you to receive sầu.

Instructions on how to receive sầu & enter code Tay Du Phong Than Ky

How to get the code Tay Du Phong Than Ky

Method 1: Subscribe khổng lồ the game forums Tay Du Phong Than Ky

Gamer Tay Du Phong Than Ky should regularly visit the homepage or fanpage facebook of the game khổng lồ update the lachạy thử information on the event. Usually on quite special occasions new gamers can receive the code Tay Du Phong Than Ky at the forums.

Method 2: Get the code Tay Du Phong Than Ky at the game homepage

Code type: Open Beta

Time: From March 1 và unlimited (Note: the code can only be used once)

Gift package includes: 10,000 VND, Strengthened stone x10, Bleached stone x10, Blessing oil x5, Rose x9

Step 1: You visit the Tay Du Phong Than Ky homepage Here

Step 2: You press select GIFTCODE to get the code Tay Du Phong Than Ky. Immediately the code will appear. And this code is shared by all gamers.



How to enter code Tay Du Phong Than Ky

After you have sầu giftcode Tay Du Phong Than Ky you proceed khổng lồ the game & enter giftcode to lớn convert into attractive sầu rewards in the game. You proceed with the operations below.

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Step 1: You log inlớn the game. On the main interface you select the sản phẩm Bonuses> Signatures


Step 2: Choose Receiving gifts


Step 3: Enter the code of Tay Du Phong Than Ky you have, then cliông xã Receiving gifts to lớn receive a reward.



– When entering giftcode you should turn off the Unikey tool (Vietnamese percussion) to avoid accented errors.– When participating in forums to lớn hunt code, you should also be careful with giả accounts lớn cheat for profit.

On March 1, Tay Du Phong Than Ky officially launched the player. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you during the mở cửa Beta day. You can also see the article how to play Tay Du Phong Than Ky on the computer for a better experience.

https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/code-tay-du-phong-than-ky-32231n.aspx If you are playing Pursuit, vì chưng not miss the Pursuit codes, with each Pursuit code you can get the most advanced weapon. Good luông chồng.

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