Acronym of Extended 3 chiều Analysis of Building Systems, is a software by a Computers and Structures,, Inc. (CSI); a Berkeley, California based engineering software company founded in 1975. ETABS is an engineering software hàng hóa that can be used khổng lồ analyze và kiến thiết multi-storey buildings using grid-lượt thích geometry, various methods of analysis & solution techniques, considering various load combinations.
ETABS - Extended 3Dimensional Analysis of Building Systems
ETABS is for linear, non-linear static & dynamic analysis, and the design of building systems. The need of special software was there for analysis & thiết kế of building and structures, và thus CSI comes forward with the TABS series.

Use of ETABS

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ETABS can be effectively used in the analysis và thiết kế of building structures which might consists of structural members like beams, columns, slabs, shear walls etc, With ETABS you can easily apply various construction materials to your structural members lượt thích concrete, structural steel, Reinforced Concrete etc. ETABS automatically generates the self-weights và the resultant gravity and lateral loads.
ETABS allows graphical inputs of the various parameters lượt thích length or depth of members & thus the model generation is very fast ETABS uses a feature of similar stories where various properties and loads might be applied by selecting the option of similar stories. Easy options & commands are there in ETABS lượt thích copy, paste, mirror Merge etc. ETABS is very precise, the snapping of the ends và joints allows the dimensions to be accurate và least chance of error is there. Applying of loads & creation of objects is very easy just select properties & click where the member is proposed khổng lồ be there. A lot of views are there, top, over side etc. It has a 3d view that can be zoomed & can be adjusted by Pan option. Integration with other softwares like SAP2000 or SAFE etc. Supports various codes lượt thích American Building Code, Eurocode, British Code, Indian Building Code, Pakistan Building Code. Model & geometry of model can easily lớn be exported lớn .dxf files.

Comparison of ETABS và is another Structural và analysis và thiết kế program by bently corp. và is the most widely used structural software throughout the construction world Find more about clichồng here is most widely used in ASIA. STAAD also allows the user to input the mã sản phẩm data using text-editor facility where ASCII tệp tin is used for this purpose. ETABS in comparison is a bit advanced form having a lot of features not there in STAAD. uses STAAD.Foudation for foundation thiết kế where as ETABS uses SAFE for foundation design.

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