Ngoa Long di động, also known as Ngoa Long VNG, is a top-notch strategy game developed by VNG on 2 chiều platkhung exclusively for Android & iOS. On the occasion of launching, VNG sends the readers of Code Ngoa Long Smartphone & many other attractive sầu incentives.

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In this article, Taimienphi will synthekích cỡ Code: Green Mobile The lachạy thử freebies that NPH sends, and readers should also participate in some other interesting events or events lớn own more rewards and experience more favorable products.

Code Ngoi Long mobile – Gift code for beginners

Code Of MogaliRekulu Tel Mobile


How khổng lồ get Code Crouching Long Mobile

Event 1: Like & Share– Reward: Code game Ngoa Long Mobile– Link participating: Event 1

Event 2: Subscribe to Youtube channel– Reward: Ngoa Long Smartphone GiftCode– Link participating: Event 2

Event 3: VOTE APPhường 5 *– Reward: Code Ngoi Long Mobile– Link participating: Event 3


Some places receive sầu Ngoi Long điện thoại GiftCode for không tính tiền.– Official website link here.– Link forums Fanpage here.– Link Group here.– Youtube channel here.

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Instructions for entering the code Ngoa Long di động GiftCode

Step 1: On the in-game screen interface, click the inhỏ Avatar figure.


Step 2: In the character panel, cliông xã select Gift next to lớn the thành phầm Load the Card.


Step 3: Import Code: Green Mobile in the box => select Agree.


Royal Star 360dế yêu is also a new strategy game of NPH VNG but has a completely different gameplay, in the game, players must build a fighting team & try to rise to lớn the highest throne Code Royal Star 360mobi miễn phí every day here. Download Crouching Long sản phẩm điện thoại lademo version

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