Art of Conquest is a strategy game where you can explore a new world, expvà your kingdom, and fight against enemies.

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If you’re a người of this game, here’s a danh mục of Art of Conquest codes for you khổng lồ get Linari, Soulfire và other in-game items for free.

Art of Conquest Codes

Below are all the active sầu Art of Conquest codes. Code could eventually expire though, so be sure you redeem them as soon as possible.

cjw4vjyrkbLinari và Crystals
cjfdxgtxhcLinari & Crystals
cjbzcvhhbiLinari và Crystals
cjsv8zyjqtLinari và Crystals
by3xndzx8kLinari & Crystals
byn7bp2rvfLinari and Crystals
byej3e3btgLinari và Crystals
byuymw7efg30 Linari, 30 Mithril, 30 Crystals & 10k Soulfire
by6mk9qc4yLinari và Crystals
bykquy42h9Linari & Crystals
bykhebnxurLinari và Crystals
byarakfzxxLinari and Crystals
by9sh26h5z60 Linari, 50 Mithril, 50 Crystals và 10k Soulfire
ackjffahux30 Linari, 3000 Wood, 3000 Gold and 10k Soulfire
acmdhti5vr30 Linari, 3000 Wood, 3000 Gold & 10k Soulfire
acnpdxxhw2Linari và Crystals
ac27qhqg2wLinari and Crystals
aiktzq22muLinari và Crystals
acs9zmyvvc60 Linari, 50 Mithril, 50 Crystals& 10k Soulfire
acpphwzmqg60 Linari, 50 Mithril, 50 Crystals& 10k Soulfire
ac498cyp3d60 Linari, 50 Mithril, 50 Crystalsvà 10k Soulfire
95n48ijpx230 Linari, 3000 Wood, 3000 Gold và 30k Soulfire
958rq6zzfa30 Linari, 3000 Wood, 3000 Gold và 30k Soulfire
8b3bu7hv9v 60 Linari và 10k Soulfire
8bzp7538em50 Linari & 10k Soulfire
8bsf6gfzh330 Linari & 10k Soulfire
7k9iud4j8s100 Linari, đôi mươi energy potions, đôi mươi mamãng cầu, 800 crystals, 800 mithril and 800 blood diamonds
78fi588x6r60 Linari, 5000 Wood, 5000 Gold & 10k Soulfire
652bizxyxh60 Linari, 5000 Wood, 5000 Gold và 10k Soulfire
3ud3tzxvmm60 Linari, 5000 Wood, 5000 Gold & 10k Soulfire
4rkmcgcqza30 Linari và 10k Soulfire
8BTNJN5ERP 50 Linari và 10k Soulfire
8B8CPRTIA760 Linari and10k Soulfire
8BR84KP4QP60 Linari and10k Soulfire
8BJD9ES8BN60 Linari and10k Soulfire
783BU3A8EA30 Linari và 10k Soulfire
78XJVAIV2D50 Linari and10k Soulfire
78SVPR8K9G50 Linari, and10k Soulfire
78TUHDQHTD 60 Linari and10k Soulfire
78WY3VY5EB30 Linari and10k Soulfire
78BDTNNK5330 Linari and10k Soulfire
78WKSPFPAN60 Linari and10k Soulfire
78GRXAT75360 Linari and10k Soulfire
78QG875SHC30 Linari and10k Soulfire
797U4RKNPT100 Linari and 10k Soulfire
782FSD8ZQ250 Linari and10k Soulfire
782GCQ9AZ650 Linari and10k Soulfire
7KIEWYRPCK50 Linari and10k Soulfire
7KZUFQXQHB50 Linari and10k Soulfire

We’ll add more codes to the danh mục once there’re new ones comes out, so don’t forget to bookmark this page và check back! If you find any codes that’re not working as it should, please let us know in the comments.

How to Redeem Art of Conquest Codes

To clayên ổn one of the codes above sầu, you’ll need to lớn head inkhổng lồ the game, then open the Main Menu. Next, cliông chồng the Redeem button.

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Enter the code inkhổng lồ the text box & apply it. You’ll then get your rewards.


So that’s it for this post. Hopefully, the menu helped you get some exclusive perks. If you want to stay updated to lớn the latest gift codes, you can also follow the Art of Conquest official social account


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