Crazy Troll Face H5 the name tells the difficulty of this cross-platsize entertainment game!

Belongs to lớn the genre of provoking players with extremely damaging puzzles, incorporating more troll face sounds và images that more or less will make players both mad khổng lồ find the answer and feel funny. before the comical situations occurring in the game.

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The gameplay of the game is also extremely simple, you just need lớn find a way to lớn complete the challenges given by each screen lớn pass the door. Of course, with a prank like this, there’s nothing called following a logical rule.

In contrast, most games force players khổng lồ cliông xã on the screen to kiểm tra, play and tìm kiếm by all possible options in the game screen to lớn find the best solution.

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Of course, in the game there are also stages where you feel like winning, but more humiliating than when you lose! In return, you will have comfortable laughter because of the troll level in each answer or situation that must be extremely brain hacking to lớn think.

Game guide:

 the screen and hold drag to play.

Tip: Cheông xã to lớn discover all possible situations in each cấp độ. Remember khổng lồ pay cthảm bại attention lớn the game screen name & mô tả tìm kiếm lines, it is also something to lớn suggest you how lớn pass the game screen!

Suggest the game screen:

Level 1: Pay attention to lớn the Troll Skill ibé in the lower left hand of the screen.Level 2: Pay attention lớn the closet in the house.Level 3: Pay attention around the neighbor’s main door.Level 4: Compose message CLGT? to rep baông chồng your frikết thúc.Level 5: Pay attention khổng lồ the number of pouring TeaLevel 6: Find the Golden Gloves & transform the super-blended style!Level 7: Pay attention lớn the Troll Skill ibé in the lower left h& of the screen.Level 8: Pay attention lớn the Troll Skill ibé in the lower left hvà of the screen.Level 9: Combining toys & stables.Level 10: Pay attention to the water bottle on the table.Level 11: Notice the shovel và the doorLevel 12: Money goes to lớn the supporting character, paying attention lớn the Cake & Vase on the table.Level 13: Finding the bouquet và giving it to the person in need.Level 14: Try lớn memorize right & wrong questions và start over. cảnh báo, in some answers, you should tap on the surrounding images and words instead of choosing A, B, C, D.Level 15: Let’s try khổng lồ pair the skill & then strike it?Level 16: Notice the symbol of a WC room for Men và WomenLevel 17: Actively vì chưng the opposite, pay attention to the elevator button at the right time và place.Level 18: Watching at the right time that eager guy intends lớn look, he will act.Level 19: Pay attention lớn the mouse and find the light switch button.Level 20: Find the nail and make use of it!Level 21: Deliberately potting the cactus và moving Saint Troll to lớn another place.Level 22: Find locks to lock in more doors!Level 23: Find a bottle of mineral water & make use of it!

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