Our Stickman Legends Gift Codes 2021 Wiki has the lademo list of working redeem code. Get the new coupon code and earn some free gems.

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Stickman Legends Gift Codes


By using the new active Stickman Legends Gift Codes (also called Redeem Code or Coupon Code), you can get some không tính phí items such as Gems, Golds, Stamina, Skips, and others.

We will keep update this list and will add whenever the new codes are released, so make sure khổng lồ bookmark this page.

Stickman Legends Gift Codes (June 2021)

Here is the danh sách of new code that currently available. (June 2021)

New Available (Working)LUNARNY2021 : Redeem this gift code lớn get the rewardSLNY2021 : Redeem this mã code to lớn get the rewardExpired (Out of Date)SLHALLOWEEN : Redeem this mã code to lớn get 10 pumpkinsNEWBIE : Redeem this khuyến mãi to lớn get 200 Gems, đôi mươi Skips, 10,000 GoldGREATDAY : Redeem this khuyến mãi to lớn get 1000 Gems, 200 StaminaSTICKMAN : Redeem this gift code lớn get 5M Gold, 500 Gems, 50 SkipSTAYHOME : Redeem this gift code khổng lồ get 200 GoldKQ1AMC89 : Redeem this mã code to lớn get 1,000 Gems, 50 Skips, 1,000 Stamimãng cầu, Exclusive rewardCUPIDLOVE : Redeem this gift code to get the AristokratVALENTINE214 : Redeem this mã code to lớn get the AristokratEVENTVALENTINE : Redeem this mã code khổng lồ get an Exclusive rewardGIFTCODE : Redeem this khuyến mãi lớn get an Exclusive sầu reward

How khổng lồ Redeem the Codes

The way to lớn using the code is very simple.

Step 1. Go khổng lồ the game, find the ‘EVENT’ thực đơn & click that.

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Step 2. When new screen pops up, move sầu on lớn the ‘GIFTCODE’ section.

Step 3. Input the code and press the CONFIRM button lớn receive some nice rewards.

Game Description

Stickman Legends is a free-to-play shadow fighting style of stickman game, a great combination of action, role playing game (RPG) và player versus player (PvP). Plunge into lớn the heroic shadow battle, you will be brought to lớn an epic fantasy shadow of war, have sầu khổng lồ face against many cruel enemies, evil monsters and mighty bosses. Get ready to be the greathử nghiệm stickman shadow fighter of Stickman Legends World and master the Shadow!

◆EPIC SHADOW OF WAR IN STICKMAN FIGHTING GAMESIn each shadow battle, disguise yourself as a dark knight who is on a journey of conquering the dark world and has lớn fight off the dangerous league of monsters. Crush the enemies, humiliate evil bosses in the ultimate fighting games lớn không tính tiền the fantasy world from Shadow Battles!

◆COLLECT VARIOUS CLASSES OF STICKMAN SHADOW FIGHTERSMany of shadow fight warriors lớn choose from: Lion-Hearted Swordsman, Legendary Shadow Warrior, Mighty Dungeon Guardian, Elite Archer Hunter, Powerful Mage, Shadow Hunter. All that you have to lớn vì chưng is training your powerful stickman shadow fighters with martial arts và savaging all the monsters in the Shadow of War.

◆TONS OF ULTIMATE ITEMS & POWERFUL SKILLSEnjoy customizing the multiple upgrades for your shadow warrior in the best action RPG stickman fighting game. To fight against the most dangerous monsters, the fighter may need more powerful weapons than the starting ones. Take action and burn off the darkness world!

◆THE GLOBAL STICKMAN LEGENDS RANKINGLead your elite shadow warrior lớn the top by battling a smart & skillful way. Defy other players characters & take these amazing stickman shadow fighters a place at the Top 100 of Leaderboard in Aremãng cầu.

◆STUNNING DESIGN, EFFECT và GRAPHICSYou will be amazed with the fascinating graphic và sound effects of Stickman Legends. Be a dark knight, grab the dark sword and wipe out the monsters at a glance in the epic shadow fight!

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