With these Yugi H5 codes you can not miss, why don’t you just grab it for yourself. Even though the game is new, the number of Yugi H5 codes is limited and the gifts included in the Yugi H5 code are very useful.

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Yugi H5 It is a cross-platform game & we can play Yugi H5 on our computers and phones depending on your situation. And if so Yugi H5 on the computerFor mobile phones, bởi not forget khổng lồ participate in saving the list khổng lồ receive sầu the Yugi H5 code to lớn own special gifts.

Code Yugi H5 is a welcome gift lớn those participating in the Alpha thử nghiệm of Yugi H5. Although after this batch you will delete all the data, vì chưng not be disappointed because there will definitely be a new batch of code for those participating in Yugi H5 và Taimienphi.vn will not forget to update. code Yugi H5 sent khổng lồ readers.

Instructions for receiving and entering code Yugi H5.

1. How to lớn receive sầu Giftcode Yugi H5 directly on the homepage.

Step 1: First you need to lớn cliông xã on the address THE FOLLOWING to access the place khổng lồ receive sầu the Yugi H5 code.

Step 2: Right after that you cliông xã on Save Contacts.


Step 3: One table receive Giftcode appears, please fill in information including phone number & Email inlớn it.


The code will then be sent to lớn your gmail address when the game is officially launched.


The rewards in the new code of Yugi H5 include:


2. Other ways khổng lồ get the Yugi H5 code

– In addition to lớn receiving the code Yugi H5 above sầu you can also receive sầu the code through Fanapge HERE.– Yugi H5 also gives the code to its loyal customers, the information to receive sầu the code Yugi H5 HERE.– If you are playing in the computer labs, don’t forget to receive sầu the code for the computer labs HERE.– Not only the official code, but online newspapers like Gamek, Playpark, and game4v are also places where the code can be received.– One more way lớn get the Yugi H5 code effectively & get the most reward is to invite your friends, details are as follows:

Invite friend: Skết thúc the code to lớn your friends before their character reaches cấp độ 10 for them khổng lồ enter your code.

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Bonus: After your friend’s character level reaches màn chơi 30 & level 35, you will receive an additional bonus. Invite as many bonuses as possible.Invited bonus: After locking your code, your friends can get bonuses

Step 1: What you need to lớn bởi is cliông xã operation ibé then on to lớn the part invite you to have sầu gifts.


Step 2: Then receive sầu your code and send it to lớn your friends.


3. Instructions for entering the code Yugi H5.

Step 1: Then you enter the game Yugi H5, on the login interface, clichồng active part.

Step 2: Next you enter New gift, enter the code received by Yugi H5 and cliông chồng accept.

In addition lớn the Yugi H5 code we can get a lot of gifts from the Yugi H5 game lượt thích daily attendance.

Or rewards for my achievements.


The rewards are small, but useful for beginners.


The above sầu is a guide on how to get the Yugi H5 code, with a card-lượt thích game lượt thích Yugi H5, possessing the Yugi H5 code is indispensable. Therefore, please quickly acquire the Yugi H5 code before it expires.

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