Garemãng cầu Free Fire offers weekly and monthly membership to provide gamers in-game items, và currencies at a cheaper rate.

Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular battle royale games, has two primary in-game currencies- Diamonds and Gold. Players need these currencies to acquire the exclusive in-game items. The diamonds are costly và not everyone can afford them, so they look for offers and rewards to get a better khuyến mãi at a discounted price. The game offers weekly và monthly memberships for gamers to provide them diamonds và other rewards at a cheaper price.

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Recently, the game has made some changes in the membership system a few updates ago. These membership offers additional perks/rewards, a higher number of diamonds, and much more. It is also better than the regular top-up in the game when compared in terms of price. Know the membership prices và rewards offered.

How khổng lồ get Garemãng cầu Free Fire diamonds and other rewards at a cheaper price in 2022:

Garena Free Fire Weekly Membership:

Weekly membership of Garena Free Firee comes at a price of Rs. 159. It offers a total 450 diamonds out of which 100 diamonds are instantly transferred to the account whereas 350 diamonds are allotted as daily check-in, i.e.50 diamonds daily. Additionally, the membership also offers other rewards & gifts including special weekly thành viên icon, discount store privilege, universal EPhường badge (8), & second chance which can be used for missed check-in days.

Garemãng cầu Free Fire Monthly Membership:

The monthly membership costs Rs. 799 that offers a total of 2600 diamonds out of which 500 are instantly credited lớn the gamer"s tài khoản while 2100 diamonds are credited as daily check-in, i.e 70 diamonds daily. Other benefits of this membership include chất lượng monthly member Ibé, discount store privilege, second chance (5), universal EP.. Badge (60), and weapon skin gift box.

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Moreover, the users will also be getting the benefits of Super VIPhường Membership if they buy both Monthly và Weekly at once.

Know how you can purchase membership in the game

Step 1: xuất hiện Free Fire game on your devices, và tap on the ‘Membership’ icon.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the ‘Membership’ tab, where you can choose any membership option và complete the payment.

Step 3: Once done, users can avail the benefits of the membership.

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