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an unofficial, informal way of getting information by hearing about it from someone who heard it from someone else:
The strain of bacteria came about from the transfer of human bacteria onlớn a plant, in this case a grapevine.
News travels fast through the medical student grapevine, và we discovered we had something in common.
The highway passed hundreds of acres of vineyards, the knotty grapevines dotting the rolling hills like stitches on a tapestry.
She said its 32 members come from around the state and are already committed to using local grapevines.
Now, more than a decade after the fundraising started and years after the l& was bought, acres of grapevines have sầu withered & died.
In the kết thúc, it"s not just about grapevines & soil, it"s about the people who work in the vineyards và most of all about family.
Relax on the patio, surrounded by blooming hydrangeas, & look onkhổng lồ impeccably manicured grapevines.
Many of the visitors had just heard about the tragedy through the community grapevine while at work.
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