How to master the next plot of land? For the development of each of the sites required to lớn fulfill certain goals. A danh sách of current goals will be displayed in the new l& development menu. To master the following section, you may need:

to have sầu certain animals on the farm.plant certain types of plants, trees or cook certain dishes.lớn master previous lands (or build a estate site)get a land development task.accumulate the indicated number of coins.

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To develop the site, it is necessary khổng lồ fulfill all the goals indicated in the danh mục. If all the conditions are met, but you still haven’t received the land development tasks, complete the other tasks until one of the characters suggests you to master the next section.

How khổng lồ move sầu buildings? You can move buildings by pressing & holding until the green arrow appears.

Can I move the Manor? No, the estate building cannot be moved.

How lớn cook food for animals & cook according lớn the recipe? You can cook animal feed in a grinder, & prescription food in the kitchen. For each recipe you need to grow and collect certain ingredients. You can cook up lớn 20 dishes at a time.

What will happen if you vị not click on the coins and experience on the farm, but wait until they disappear? Will I thua thảm them? No, you will not thua thảm. They will be automatically added khổng lồ your accumulations.

Harvest will wither if you do not collect it? No, you can harvest when you return to the farm.


How to lớn fertilize crops và trees? You need to lớn equip the plane. Fill the plane with fertilizers, collecting them from livestock! There are special animals in the store, such as a saddlebaông chồng pig, they will help lớn equip the plane faster. When the plane is equipped, you can gọi it to lớn fertilize the crop and trees on the farm. Try to use it khổng lồ fertilize the most necessary crop!

How khổng lồ get animals? You can buy them in the market. New animals constantly appear on different tabs of the market menu.

How lớn feed animals? To feed animals, it is necessary to produce appropriate food (five types of food are available). Once you have finished making the right kind of food, cliông chồng on a hungry animal to lớn feed it. After eating, the animals need some time to produce products.

How lớn complete the level? How khổng lồ develop in the game? As you progress through the game you will receive various tasks that bring experience and coins. To get a new level you need lớn harvest, take care of animals và complete tasks in order to lớn gain experience. The more experience you get, the faster you will earn a new cấp độ.

Is there an inventory size limit? Cliông chồng on the Barn to lớn see the inventory capađô thị.

My farm is low on space, how vày I get more space? There are three ways:

Buy site extension.Move sầu the thành tích lớn the barn. To vì chưng this, hold down on the subject, and then cliông chồng on the Barn icon at the bottom of the screen. In this way, buildings, animals và decorations can be stored.You can sell items. Clichồng on the thành tựu you want to lớn sell, then clichồng on the Cash Register ibé at the bottom of the screen. This way you can sell items.

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What is the maximum player level? The maximum player cấp độ is 50.


How lớn fish in the pond? As soon as you buy land with a pond, you will get access khổng lồ the mini-game Pond. For fishing you will need to choose one of three fishing rods. The màn chơi of prizes depends on the màn chơi of the fishing rod.

What is the difference between fishing rods? Each fishing rod brings different prizes. Try each one of them khổng lồ get the best prizes.

Why can’t I use a không tính phí fishing rod? A không tính tiền fishing rod can be played once a day. The timer counts the time remaining for the second không lấy phí game, but you can also choose a different fishing rod và play immediately.

Why do we need super animals? Super-animals produce super-ingredients! Super-ingredients must be added khổng lồ a regular recipe lớn get a super-meal.

Where khổng lồ buy olives? To get olives, buy an Olive tree at the Store for 25 farm banknotes.

Can I plant an unlimited number of trees? The game has a tree planting restriction. To plant more, buy more Barns.

Can I move sầu the pond? In Green Fram 3, the pond cannot be moved.

How to add a friend from Facebook lớn the neighbors? Your Facebook friends can join your game lớn go to lớn your farm or attkết thúc a buổi tiệc nhỏ. Also in the game there are AI neighbors. You can chia sẻ information about your farm via Facebook by posting on your wall.

How lớn send messages to lớn neighbors? Cliông xã on the Mailbox to enter the Facebook section. Go to lớn Facebook and select the friends you want lớn invite.

How to lớn invite friends to a party? Cliông xã on the Manor to lớn enter the Parties menu. From here you can sover invitations khổng lồ friends from Facebook. The tiệc ngọt will begin as soon as the required number of guests has gathered.


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