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a low, sad sound that is continued for a while and that is made by someone who is suffering from pain or unhappiness:
The machinery might well have creaked and groaned, but printers and authors could still have felt intimidated by its operation.
They also argued that the country groaned under too much bureaucracy and that therefore individual freedom and creativity were being suppressed.
One presses buttons and says "leaders", and one gets a chorus of groans; one says "elite", and one gets a chorus of groans.
In spite of the groans and despondency which we hear all around and in which we indulge ourselves, the picture is not universally gloomy.
The whole country is groaning under a burden of taxation so heavy that it is materially diminishing our chance of recovery.
They, together with the teachers, civil servants and gas workers, who have all been groaning under the burden, are sent empty away.
I am extremely glad that recruiting is good and that we have not heard moans and groans about recruiting.
More than that, millions now groaning under the iron yoke of tyranny will be given new hope of life.
The judiciary are now required to preside over a system of criminal and civil justice increasingly groaning under the strain of under-resourcing and understaffing.
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to put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve (= wire net shaped like a bowl) to break up large pieces

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