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Gunny Origin
VNG Corporation - C?ng ty C? ph?n VNG
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Gunny Origin APK is a fun coordinated shooting game with lovable chicken characters. You will relive sầu the once-funny chicken memories from Webgame, in a newer way, and on a whole new sản phẩm điện thoại platkhung.

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Introduce about Gunny Origin

Introduce about Gunny Origin

Gunny Chicken: Relive sầu the exciting gunny shooting memories on Webgame!

Unforgettable memories

Some games have sầu been played for a long time, & still have a lot of time in the process of control, but because of sticking with us since the early days of knowing the game, going through the journey of making friends happily in our youth, it has left you lớn have sầu many unforgettable memories.

Surely you still rethành viên the amazing gunny game. If you have sầu a moment when you remember this fun “sport” & want lớn relive old memories, then tải về a sản phẩm điện thoại game called Gunny Origin lớn play.

Relive sầu the “good old days’ feelings”

The feeling of being transformed inlớn chickens of all shapes and sizes running back & forth bombarding everywhere. Sure, if you played this game for the first time in the past, now, the experience of reliving the chicken life on Gunny Origin di động is as fun và exciting as ever.

Not every game remake is successful. Remakes are not always relevant. But Gunny Origin is a special case. It shines more freshly but retains the cool core of the original game.

Gunny Origin has fun shooting gameplay that many people have been fascinated with. To help the chickens gain an advantage on the battlefield, you will have lớn focus on detailed aiming, combined with flexible navigation (with a very funny appearance). It can’t also ignore the Lucky enhancement features, trùm fights. Players also don’t forget to lớn receive sầu items through auction floors, upgrade traditional Wow-Super weapons, or join guilds if you like.

A new feature has been added lớn the modern Mobile Gunny Origin: Duel feature. That is, you find the formula for shooting angles. This is a new feature that allows players to lớn show off their shooting skills in all battles, and also adds a lot of flexibility khổng lồ the original game, providing extremely intense ranked matches but always fun & noisy.

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In addition, Gunny Origin also can voice chat. In the past, the original game had a large player community, but now on thiết bị di động devices with convenience, plus voice chat, you can freely make friends và date other chickens.

Gunny Origin’s toy bản đồ has also been reworked lớn be more diverse và richer than before, but still retains the typical graphic style. With modern và advanced weapon equipment, attack more fiercely but vị not thua the lovely stupidity of your chickens.

Just shoot, what’s attractive?

But the drama Gunny Origin brings is is that it has a simple gameplay but is very heavy on losing.

Each time you miss, clichồng even a little late, you thua your turn. Each match has 2 opposing factions, to lớn thua thảm a turn is khổng lồ thua trận the opponent by one cấp độ. Gunny Origin also has many game modes catering to lớn different needs. In story mode, you will shoot AI chickens, and PvPhường is against other players. In addition, there is a mode to lớn play PvE in groups of teams, features Aremãng cầu, Team Battle, or Single Battle. No matter who you fight with, it’s still one turn and alặng – shoot, whoever runs out of chickens first loses.

To shoot quickly, you must tăng cấp weapons for chickens. Whoever has a lot of heavy weapons, and kills many chickens at the same time, will be able khổng lồ cthua trận the battles faster with absolute victory. It can be said that the pace of the game fast or slow is largely due to the size of the weapons on both sides. Lots of things for you to lớn collect and win your own speed: super tốc độ mounts, power-ups, advanced guns, increased bullets per turn…

The matches are even more difficult because of the “cooperation” of weather & terrain. In the rain, bullets fly slower and less accurately, & the bumpy terrain is harder lớn hit than the flat terrain… Many factors make up the challenge with just this classic shooting game.

Cute chibi characters

Like the original version of this webgame Online before, Gunny Origin retains the traditional 2 chiều graphics. But more trendy elements have sầu been added: bright and vibrant color schemes, dễ thương modern chibi styles, and faster & more fluid character movements. Every detail supports the fast-paced, fun, & exhilarating gameplay of Gunny Origin.

Download Gunny Origin APK for Android

Not only reviving memories, but Gunny Origin also brings a lot of cool improvements to players, promising khổng lồ bring back the memory of Chickens and be more skillful than before. Let’s tải về và play this amazing game right away!

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