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In contrast lớn social structures and institutions, culture is often regarded as a coherent entity, as a harmonious unit providing for the integration of society.
As you will see, the irruption of the locus in no way weakens or dilutes logical principles: they just become different, more harmonious, & stronger.
In practice, however, freelancing was rarely the harmonious and liberating form of work that is often depicted.
They regarded society as naturally harmonious and designed their anti-theft campaigns to rectify injustice và restore harmony by means of confession & compensation.
The establishment of these devolved committees with their "crusading enthusiasm" was later praised officially as a triumph of organisation, devotion, và harmonious cooperation.
The harmonious machine as an entirety inspires one with admiration, but what of the perfectly adjusted, satisfactory & enduring parts.
In a presentation intended for the outside world, people prefer khổng lồ draw a rather harmonious picture of their social relations.
Her research is most effective in dismissing the picture of a comprehensive welfare state that some historians have thought to characterize harmonious, close-knit local communities.
The first part in this process is khổng lồ realize that the myth presupposes that the alliance was something it never really was, cchiến bại và harmonious.
He argues that it was impossible lớn bring about democratic và harmonious governance after independence in so heterogeneous a country.
The main strategy of the illustrated weeklies was to lớn promote the image of a harmonious society without major conflicts.

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