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Widowhood in elderly women : exploring its relationship khổng lồ community integration, hassles, găng tay, social support, và social support seeking.
Women who are not worried about their children leaving home experience positive sầu change in mood and less daily hassles when the last child leaves.
Furthermore, the number of challenging life events and daily " hassles" had the strongest relationship with depressive symptoms.
Maternal ratings of daily hassles và observational measures of parenting were obtained during two home page visits when the children were 27 months old.
Two frequently used measures of hassles were combined lớn provide a more comprehensive sầu index of daily bức xúc.
Possible developmental trends in neighborhood hassles & their relation to lớn trends in antisocial behavior have sầu also not been investigated.
As such, these stressors may resemble daily hassles, with the potential to lớn become chronic if unchecked by active coping strategies.
There is a svào overlap between this concept of cumulative sầu trivia & an established concept in the health psychology literature called daily hassles.
In particular the research is criticized for absenting the social context from our understanding of daily hassles, và for focusing too strongly upon the individual.
The most likely explanation of this contradiction lies in the different definitions of daily hassles.
Stress was operationalized in terms of self-reported daily hassles assessed prior to lớn the observation of parenting.
Parenting daily hassles and relationships ahy vọng minor stresses, family functioning, & child development.

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Major life events, hassles, và adaptation in adolescence: confounding in the conceptualization and measurement of life căng thẳng và adjustment revisited.
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