(of characteristics or diseases) passed from the genes of a parent to a child, or (of titles and positions in society) passed from parent to a child as a right:

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In 1747, the system of land tenure by which a tenant could be summoned for military service, known as hereditary ward-holding, was abolished.
While in principle hereditary monarchy may have been disliked, it rarely took centre-stage in the analysis.
So, hereditary and communal rights to occupancy and individual ownership by a landlord are still in contest.
It is no surprise then that those who experienced everyday life in terms of the family thought of their occupancy of land as hereditary.
For the larger tenant, continued occupancy was secure under the lease system and, as such, they had less cause to mobilise concepts of hereditary right.
Recent years have seen the identification of many genetic defects that underlie hereditary neurodegenerative disorders in humans.
I argued that the communal use of space in the house provided a possible practical consciousness from which concepts of hereditary occupancy would be knowable.

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Dickens presents a pseudo-aristocratic register in the noun phrases "familiar denomination," "antlered herd" and "shady precincts," with their connotations of hunting and hereditary lineage.
These media are also available to, and may affect the teaching and learning processes of, hereditary performers.
An extension of the concept of partitioning hereditary variance for analysis of covariance among relatives when epistasis is present.
An extension of the concept of partitioning hereditary variance for analysis of covariances among relatives when epistasis is present.





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