I"ve made a script to copy the official BnS content thư mục to lớn a second one but including mods to keep official installation untouched.The script creates junctions and hardware liên kết mixing your "Mods" thư mục with the official BnS contents thư mục.

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So, you just have sầu khổng lồ configure BnS Buddy to point lớn the new modded BnS folder khổng lồ vày your things, patch xml, keeping the original installation untouched.​
How it works?By mặc định, the script is configured to work as below:- You have sầu pasted the script & the "Mods" thư mục inkhổng lồ the BnS nội dung folder, where there are "bin", "bin64" and "contents" folders.- You add your mods inlớn "Mods" thư mục, respecting the thư mục tree structure of BnS (you will noticed that "bin, "bin64" & "contents" exist inlớn the "Mods" folder, as the original installation folder).- You start the script & wait for its magic. You will find a new thư mục, "Modded_Client", which is a set between your mods & official content.- Configure BnS Buddy"s game custom path to lớn "Modded_Client" instead of official client. You can now patch và vì your ritual và human sacrifices as you did before this script exists.- You want to update a mod? Replace or add you new mod in "Mods" thư mục, then restart the script. The updating process will be quicker than creating a new "Modded_Client" from scratch.- You have updated your game client? Delete "Modded_Client" (Shift + Delete) & recreate it.If everything works*, you have this in your official BnS folder:- "bin" - "bin64" - "contents" - "Modded_Client" - "Mods" - "Modded BnS folder creator.cmd" *If it doesn"t work, maybe you need admin elevation to get it working.Why this script?I don"t really know.

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I didn"t want my official BnS nội dung folder to be NCSofted** by mods, và I can kiểm tra the authentiđô thị of the installation with the official updater, as the original installation remains untouched. Perfection is satisfying.Furthermore, as the official installation is untouched, updates and full checks will be quicker. Save sầu you bandwidth consumption, save sầu the world.**NCSofted means "f*cked up"What is the weight impact of this "copy" in my HDD or SSD?It"s not a real copy, it"s junctions & hardlink, meaning that the "Modded_Client" doesn"t really take up place in your drive. Save your space, save the time, save sầu the world.Is it possible khổng lồ change "Mods" & "Modded_Client" paths?Open the script with notepad, go khổng lồ the variables part (lines 10, 11, 12).You"ll find AppInstallationPath
which is where you BnS client is installed, ModsPath where your mods are stored & ModdedClientPath where your new modded BnS client is created. %CurrentDir% is a variable that means where you script is located.Where is my umbrella?You want the script? It"s attached lớn the post.VirusTotal: www.virustotal.com/en/file/8ae53f42e1c7e245ecee48e62a2907ea3cc2383a9d08c19ae8d5f8ae8eff45aa/analysis/1534071826/

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