Introduction: If you’re reading this guide then that means you want to lớn learn how to lớn vì SS. Look no further, upon complete reading of this guide và understanding, you will be able to master SS and now when you join rsida, you can look down on other people và điện thoại tư vấn them noobs. Upon reading this guide, you no longer must sit baông xã while others laugh at you for only no brain donkey DPS & not knowing mech. Upon completion of reading this guide, you will get your Master’s degree in chick magnet và every group will suông xã your dichồng và want you to join them in Stage 2 then kiông chồng you out once you pass Stage 2 because you still suông chồng for Stage 3.

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Let’s begin.


Raid Composition:


Step 1: Starting positions and knowing your role.


Step 2 (Inside): monster rotation, how to get mark & how khổng lồ get out/exit.

Wait for the group AHEAD of you to get out before you start. (Listen khổng lồ the commander’s call for group number.*REMEMBER YOUR GROUP. NUMBER*ONLY CC WHEN IT’S YOUR GROUP. NUMBER TIME


“Commander calls a group number in” (Rotation is G1, G2, G3, G1, G2, G3…)Only that group go to middle & CC. Everyone else inside Soul Separation at the moment should only DPS and stay AWAY from boss.quái nhân says: “I will mark the 3 closest people.”4x STUNquái vật now vì random attacks. (Be careful và don’t get knocked bachồng because he will mark again soon and you need to stay cthảm bại.)quái nhân says: “I will mark the 3 closest people.”4x KNOCK DOWNThe moment he is knocked down và you have sầu the mark (water on your head), RUN BACK TO YOUR Party’s circle. Why?The boss will jump 3 times after he stvà up. Once to each of the marker after the knockdown. Wherever he lands, he will CLEANSE the poison. That is why he needs to land on you và your buổi tiệc ngọt.At this time, you have completed the “inside” part of Soul Separation. You should be in the real world now.Refer to lớn Step 3 on how khổng lồ get baông chồng inkhổng lồ Soul Separation.



2A: Picture of Commander calling Group 1 rotation.

2B: Picture of Group 1 rotation ending Group 2 rotation Start.


2C: Picture of Group 2 rotation endingGroup 3 rotation begin.

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Step 3 (OUTSIDE): How to lớn get baông chồng into Soul Separation.

Easy lớn remember is that when you come out, there will only exist two situation of Mini trùm cuối you need lớn remember.1. The one your group need lớn KNOCKDOWN.2. The one that jumps over from other side, pulls tank and your group needs lớn STUN.*How you get back inside is the 2nd one. The one you need lớn stun.After you see the one that jumps over, stvà in front of it & DPS like your life depends on it.

Pro Tip: Try lớn be the first to lớn DPS the trùm.

If all is correct, after 3-5 seconds, you should go into Soul Separation again và go bachồng inside.*Important note once baông chồng inside: Make sure the group that is ahead of you finish their rotation first. Let them get the mark & get out before you go under the trùm.

Example: You are Group 3.

Once you are baông chồng in, make sure Group 2 finish their KD và grab mark & heading out before u go under the boss/center..


When trùm done jumping khổng lồ the three marks at the end of a rotation, he will jump bachồng to lớn center. Becareful when he jumps baông xã, it can knoông xã u back/out when he l&. One triông xã is lớn stand right on the circle & wait until he lands in middle. When he lvà in the middle run immediately under hyên & prepare for the new rotation.DO NOT use your CC unless it’s YOUR groups turn to lớn CC. The reason is because if you CC & have sầu long CD và next is your turn khổng lồ CC and you don’t have sầu it, well shit.
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