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Key examples are systems combining no-till seeding, crop-rotations including legumes, plus maintenance of continuous crop-residue cover khổng lồ the soil.
But this did not change the relative profitability of the treatments: sole maize fertilized and unfertilized remained more profitable than the respective legume intercrops.
Very large increases (well over 100 %) in the price of legumes would be required to make legume-maize intercrops more profitable than sole maize.
For mixed grass+legume silages, the case was more complex, since the value of the silage is not independent of its composition.
Plant husbandry và management techniques for growing grain legumes under simulated tropical conditions in controlled environments.
Absent from private sector retìm kiếm, not surprisingly, are many crops cultivated by the world"s poor, including small-grain cereals, tubers and legumes.
This paper reports the results of on-farm testing of grass+legume pastures assessed in terms of milk production in dual-purpose systems.
However, other experiments have indicated the beneficial effects of perennial legumes & no-till agriculture on soil nitrogene.
The present study pointed to lớn the critical role of legumes, especially perennial alfalfa, for increasing the energy efficiency of a cropping system.
Each farmer experimenter rated the performance of the legume fallows against the control with indicators which they developed in the second year of experimentation.
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the first person lớn bởi vì something or go somewhere, who shows that it is also possible for other people

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