Midnight Skypetal Plains is a 24-man area where players can enter as a raid group khổng lồ farm for items khổng lồ exchange for Legendary Soul Shield. These Legendary Soul Shield are class specific and can be exchange from the Merchant in the 24-man area or from Dragon Express.

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The instance itself gives players Lunar Twilight Plant, 20 of these are needed lớn make Lunar Twilight Flower. Players can exchange for Legendary Soul Shield pieces by using a certain amount of Lunar Twilight Flowers và Moonlight crystal that can be salvage from certain dungeons.

Green Moonlight Crystal are from Asura, Be Ivày and Twisted Soul Shield, Yellow Moonlight Crystal are from Oblivion and Ebondrake Soul Shield & Purple Moonlight Crystal are from Acrimor & Aman Soul Shield.

A certain amount of special keys are needed to open the Soul Shield chest, these can be exchange using Stingers và Moonstone.

Below are some items that can be exchange from the merchant

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