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Bạn đang xem: Myth là gì

Bạn đang xem: Myth là gì




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myth /miθ/ danh từ thần thoại chuyện hoang mặt đường, vật hoang đường; chuyện tưởng tượng, thứ tưởng tượng


Từ điển Collocation

myth noun

1 story from ancient times

ADJ. ancient, classical | religious | Christian, Greek, Norse, Roman, etc. | creation (= that explains how the world began) the creation myths of the Eskimos

PREP. ~ about the myth about the golden hãng apple

2 idea/belief which is untrue/impossible

ADJ. great There is a great myth that all sports players are stupid. | powerful | enduring, persistent | complete, total It"s a complete myth that he has royal blood. | modern | folk, popular, widely held | national The battle has become part of national myth. | historical, political The propagandomain authority of both sides relies heavily on historical myth. | heroic, lãng mạn Propaganda has turned the former president inlớn a heroic myth. | pernicious | cosy The film tears down the cosy myths about fair play in war.

VERB + MYTH create, cultivate, establish How did the myth get so firmly established in the popular consciousness? | counter, counteract | bury, debunk, destroy, dispel, dispose of, explode, lay to rest, puncture, scotch, tear down | feed, foster, keep alive, maintain, perpetuate, sustain | be based on People"s faith in the Emperor was based on the myth that he was infallible.

MYTH + VERB surround sth trying lớn lay to lớn rest the myths surrounding mental disabilities | persist The myth persists that men are more intelligent than women.

PREP. ~ about a popular myth about twins | ~ of perpetuating the myth of racial superiority

PHRASES contrary lớn popular myth Contrary khổng lồ popular myth, women are not worse drivers than men.

Từ điển WordNet


a traditional story accepted as history; serves to lớn explain the world view of a people

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

mythssyn.: fable fabrication fairy tale falsehood fantasy fiction legkết thúc story
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