Most business events are physical gatherings: off-sites at posh resorts, training seminars at conference centres.

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External benefits and costs that may be related khổng lồ such investments are ignored since rational farmers are unlikely to be concerned about off-site effects.
Results of analyses obtained off-site should never be less accurate or precise than results obtained from determinations conducted on-site.
The surgical hands-on session for surgeons off-site included a seminar of sentinel lymphnode dissection using xanh dye và gama probe.
These are off-site determinations, the use of on-site demo kits or equivalent simple procedures, and the deployment of a điện thoại laboratory.
Some output-market effects can be off-site; cutting off raw-material supply may have notable downstream development impacts.
The off-site disposal of fill material is not restricted, although the disposal must not result in any off-site impact.
A third option is lớn send videotaped echocardiograms by courier lớn off-site pediatric cardiologists.
Following the construction of a winter overlvà route lớn the site, the contaminated soils và associated waste were excavated và transported off-site for disposal.
They could also include the non-market, off-site values associated with watershed protection, such as stream flow maintenance và prevention of river & inshore siltation.
Each column weighs in excess of 5.5 tonnes & is over 3.8m tall and was constructed off-site khổng lồ a dimensional tolerance of +/1.5milimet.
Typically, the market provides no incentive sầu lớn ranchers lớn incorporate these off-site impacts of their l& use into their own profit-maximizing framework.
In other retìm kiếm done by the authors that they cite, the same is claimed for lvà degradation via soil erosion and associated off-site damage.

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Accredited laboratories are often required for environmental remediation work &, as a result, only off-site laboratories can generally be used.
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Stepping up efforts & phasing out coal: words connected with climate change.



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