Heung-boo, who can"t even make Lee Sun-hee, is a revolutionist, Lee Geum Hee, a 20-year-old intrusion bomber (All The Butlers)



Lee Geum Hee announcer captivated viewers with the "rich" aspect of not being able to stop singer Lee Sun-hee, who is 20 years" best frikết thúc.

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SBS "Good Sunday - All The Butlers" broadcast on June 3 was featured in Lee Sun-hee special feature 2.On this day, "All The Butlers" members who continued to lớn practice at Lee Sun-hee"s house expressed frustration with Lee Sun-hee"s understated lifestyle.

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Lee Seung-gi said, "I think energy is accumulated." "I think I should go lớn the karaoke room lớn piông chồng up a duet & listen khổng lồ it."Lee Sun-hee said, "I have sầu a little enclosed space." Lee Seung-gi joked, "So let"s leave sầu the karaoke door open."

The main character who finished the Lee Sun-hee table moderation life was Lee Geum Hee, the 20th year of Lee Sun-hee.Lee Sun-hee said, "Geum Hee is doing a lot of reading discussions.I learn from Kim Hee, such as a lecture on humanities, "he said." I have sầu been friends with Lee Geum Hee for đôi mươi years. "There is a saying that similar people get cthất bại, but Lee Sun-hee & Lee Geum Hee"s lifestyle was cthảm bại to lớn the pole & pole.But it seemed like a friend who could understand each other better & get closer because it was different.

Lee Geum Hee handed over pizza, chicken & dessert as soon as he entered Lee Sun-hee"s house, saying, "I have nothing to lớn eat in this house."Lee Sun-hee has provided a light diet of vegetables & has disappointed the members.The members who felt hungry in the Lee Sun-hee table diet cheered for a long time when they encountered oily food.

Lee Geum Hee is pleasantly silent, occupying the Lee Sun-hee house with his distinctive light & loud voice; Lee Seung-gi said: "It"s so good.In many ways, the master says that he is talking a little and the energy is very saved. If he says 100%, he should say that he opened 2%. ""I"ll try to lớn consume up to 35 percent," Lee Geum Hee said, laughing as Yang said, "We never joked today."

Lee Geum Hee then continued to lớn make various quizzes, saying, "I will give quizzes related khổng lồ my friover Lee Sun-hee."The members worried that the two people who had not been fighting for the past đôi mươi years would fight on the day of shooting.Lee Geum Hee said, "I am a little worried, but do not worry because I have been performing for a long time. I do not have to lớn text for a while."

Lee Sun-hee, who did not prefer karaoke, also headed to karaoke in a Lee Geum Hee word; Lee Seung-gi asked hyên ổn to "go karaoke together today."Lee Sun-hee said, "Oh what" while Lee Geum Hee happily said, "Let"s go," and shouted, "Lee Sun-hee naturally sings; I watch dance."

Yang Se-hyung, who entered the karaoke room, selected BTS"s "DNA" và turned it inkhổng lồ "YTS." Yang Se-hyung exploded his silent energy và showed his bluff performance.Lee Sun-hee"s direct student Lee Seung-gi, who picked Kyên Kwang-seok"s "I Loved You" và showed off his extraordinary singing skills, said, "I will float for my master today with confidence."

Lee Seung-gi, who finished the heat, said, "I sang with sweat in the past," và the upbringing material said, "I think I hear the middle master."Lee Sun-hee smiled at her mum, saying she "did so well."Yook Seong-jae praised "I felt like something was just solid," and Lee Seung-gi quipped, "Who is the teacher?"

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