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Học những tự bạn phải giao tiếp một bí quyết đầy niềm tin.

the amount of goods and services, or waste products, that are produced by a particular economy, industry, company, or worker:
output of sth Relative lớn its GDP, Europe"s output of IT hardware is only a fraction of that of America.
boost/increase/raise output Oil prices fell by $1 following Opec"s decision to lớn boost output by 500,000 barrels a day.
reduce/cut/limit output The Kyoto lớn deal aimed lớn reduce the developed world"s output of greenhouse gases by 5.2%.

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output falls/declines/is down Forecasters at the OECD expect that output in the lỗi zone will fall by 5.3% in the coming year.
output rises/grows/is up According to lớn a report by the Confederation of British Industry, factory output has risen in much of Britain over the past three months.
an increase/rise/fall in output Biggest falls in output during October were in the consumer durables, capital goods, and manufacturing sectors.

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Linking your sound thẻ to the speaker outputs on your receiver may cause damage lớn the card when you turn the volume up.
Qualitative results do not change much, even if we vị not impose the equal output-sharing rule from the beginning.
Time-dependent characterization of the output radiation in a far-field zone was obtained for both free-running và injection-controlled operation with an unstable resonator 1 cavity.
The weights associated with output connections are, however, re-estimated after a new hidden unit is recruited.
The "second-stage filter" has a larger receptive sầu field than the "first-stage filters," và sums the nonlinearly transformed outputs of the first-stage filters.





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