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mm ia WlllCt,-it Samth,"...JJ.. ........ ;""i f ...i; iim : .i:n -F ai aaa ij i . LI I ll v J COlU"l H ,n n.(he valid of the Catholic somimrvi 1 1 pi nsiaj npamrd ,waaa.i. Iarc . i .ik wcknea tn town una cowryibout u fenrfnlly om the hnrant,"n in Du probability that the band; . .,......- " - ";!i be reboiit.Y A the Republican inkhung the peo-r". ia Whni part: -J :r the jrn-at rekhung ".Let fa beuei than the lenwcratici ekel ? và if not better wherein it U !.i- Reed ?I jChichea sheeting has net yet comj1" "sceoruing lớn law. but a fewTird " wblutg chickens hare been oheenred in town.We are eomp lied t.. omit sevenü rtr-;i ml for this isaae. snd onr article ol bitters, which are just the, Li.- .u t j l -tier is delayed a fiw honrs, by reason thrag the people need at thw season ofti J I , i !.it icKiiess ox an oar omee ntfi.n ."ri"i "Viiin iadivitlii"il was fiirel. !ai;K r icsted to lớn evacuate the grocery Iii... l:..l .... T 1.... Tl .. I-: rt" o, .) ..nil I "1.11 . I"ll I lltsu.l V. lilt tn ardsa ÜMaH took Ml under his pro- jtincj sringr.1 large force of workmen an em-;1 l a tue toncwork ol tae iictI jnt-honse. Ae loam thai the com-7 : "IS ait t "Jvi"iuvii.i l lau; wwsm pihit"iactoriiy to lớn tue bmluin" committeeIve or fifteen of the workmen atbriek-yard strnck" for hicher. . Ir 1 v I 1 hi "i 1- el " day, and claimed jii 75. Si m men wit he placed on tho ;rt t I""The trial of Chas. Ilaahuiger, impli- i & a n irt of the time two asststants.- 1 in th kitting t John Thornbarg Walk up. gentlemen, you that think thebst winter, was eoainieiK e l Tues- offi e is wnth ?S.J00, pay ia 63,000,but has been temporarily smv land receive the entire earnings of theI 1 by reason of sickness in the ! ofiee. u Put up or shut up."&milv of n juryman. i -. j Wr " topaa ant table Ihu Break, theI rWaaocth ihiMaemfa pnbliehed at Plyaaoath,onfcr-uinrj zrienti nouiu nw aeg-. - t IMyaaonth an the -."th ofV wrv 1-! rr sMmblaga Ist . l,n present, an 1 many thingsbe seen that the uninitiatedt dre inn 1 ( i".Keknowledge llie wce"nl fromIt uV 111. , 1 1.."aar.i, . i tne bw? paen ai me:ular ; txrra it i i .leg"ialatttre, together rith the- ii i .a-i-ät. Ii aaataffl faatBVVM,.!. . ssmaan ranam giới j iviel re porta. It : snseaduniill .!t of t ht?c luks eaa bej.-;Ii. r, that are c PSidcr th Iurcit alu .. - , .a1 rmr.ti iv LrfjUkjViilc r;;". . . aa.- I .. -lit ii ir" v 1 " :" " lI -" i : ;ir aii -i t ianpnAjr, aad viU axtharge !i f annertntendent. The. vi . .1 i ii 1i:". Hcrrw"fc in i atarj pleaannlntlei in u in al! btuiiiew và sxial re-". !;.-.ylr. if rrson Melanine kas left al t::is "rvfirc nrhat rlanif Batnre onriaallf in-tkết thúc i Ibff un car of corn, but which, j. . j: r some eaase nsJtnmri khổng lồ the nnter Jb r. f pf ta R elnster, newing CrWr- ih m j ...j i;a Ity-su w -!l-.l.-f;ii A BttbimIV. have sầu itmpended it lớn tke lbook m- j1..-..,! .; f.r tho eb.ndelior . vrhirh w:i; 1" Ik t i iluwa akecSatse thore Sras aoetae in jtbe offtee who mM plajj oa it. If "1 itl re W 1 1 1 tiling in Greeley a u hat 1Know Abosa Farawkj eqwl t tiiis. Iw..- n atM lite lớn tea it. I,It iatl pinion f best informedftnaoerats, Ibat n nowajf eantbeeanse. i i.-il in til"s CYMantV ". , , j - .1 - m3 " f , : rHS DkMO" j" " r W ar 1 rinS lt 10 c"" !,-,V.Ti..r- ttbe ridittilouHlj Ionprieeof cenH t this nt. eannnt ,".-tr các mục be d mbled ".rit"iin a neek ? Letpry prcsen t anberiber obtain al hia.-t j Mr. Paaapeon, tne ...-rth Adams,i .i . -ii t, S (rass) sboemannfsetnm nbo iapmrt.v one. và the tnin will be ae , , .. . . . Ji 1 nnai mt.loVS difi t"" in his tnrtornnplisheil. Iram Öf anaab sra vi I! esnplete the j.a velttane of Tri IhaiMOCRAT.There are thr- ; Ihinirs in anaanaetaon 1b this (Trent that we le-ire t UBYBStSflDpoa dM mini nf the realer: Ist nnn .Mt v rv ! i "- ,n win" us one eent orum re fi nne na hy that tiaae: J1 weve-Mf i!! -nr enbieTibars I i renew their. "subscriptions by pnying in aai men 1 r,aha nex.1 v..! :n." ; ."tnu M we want.tiid-Tf -ist have sầu. rery lurgs i eronni inur Ii t f snbaeriherg. We h"p- ourt- j- t, r.v r-i j lain that none Wlfla . 1i- in ".--" .";! t! "1"iiur- iW. am ! moM f the oav 18I ,. Prniay, leasnd bnsinss "l"ll if the general aantinaent of tl.--tn, tansVssnea be rrect. It to lớn ji,o ouaaa try tl .t a anrtloa al the enpt- jla) tnd labor beretofbreempl yed in tli i r ttaaka be tannslenfnd Io sonaeother hr in of iiiuu try. as fhe bu?iy , nn fails to lớn be rasannaratiae t thetmmmt that it f.rnerlv was. A goodnnän aisbusna) ssnl naamnlielnring aav jhi 1 1 ..1 1 asaantW lớn thotll... .hui,nts. would sd I v tn hpanaaaarity of the taarn. Thi re h hut ,Little piobaliilitj tbal tb nines rataavimroT aerr fbmt for tbe namê say few years,r " t ,sj ,t already in advance ffl the ansnlaw surrounding Ü There are few iu-Imd tuaua wlio.-c ctizen- poses n"r"kBftsaaaa sanwarf tbnn bởi tbe tisens of1 ark -n.As to the Kadieal buổi tiệc ngọt being the jcác buổi tiệc nhỏ of economy & honesty there can0 n, ,1,,u1,t- Tbc gl government-tow administered by that các buổi party andi , , .whodanj clalặng that dishonesty, eorrnp-"n fraud, extrnTaganee & imbecilitypenndea every department of the gov-eramentf ,Our young friend. GeofR Edwards, ("Ml accepted the situation of clerk in.i .r i ,i a. m , .the omee oi tltc .Maltesen House, atrkiMm miJ WmimJ ,,non ii.chanrftof hiadnties. Giieorgc iff pecU"jjari, adapted to lớn AO hie prephối positionat.l tl e proprietors of the khách sạn are for itnnate in eeenrins his serriceaWhile ;t Bourbon last Friday ireealled at tlie elothins anl merchant tai-l"ri,!U -hment of Waa. Bcnra, & jwistanta Wily engaged on jÄforÄ8 tli0 P1Jnmt" Cm Und.How is that ? !Mi!-t one neonle l awava .a .a ..a atrom noui i khổng lồ buy their clotn n- . urh,tnd iVm.iebvà is IVnuicrat-e on one of the eardi- ian points, which :s không tính phí trade: tiny be- !liere in trading where they can vì chưng the !btsfc. In addition lớn hi other trade.Mr - Sears keepi for sa!. a most excellentim- vi . .i w wuugm ihm uithe people needed it, and accepted a. . . .bottle Wltb the tlirniks r,t Mr. -ars. I-Tha etitämäni hvinir Kmh miHa hmm m i iiki.iii .......... ....... i,.j....v. w waw v.. ...... ..... v -the oruan of the rekhung movement, tnhị ! goods regardleafl of cost, within the nextManhall county pays her elerk $8,000 sixty daya.ner year, it hi only ueeemarv to lớn refer to lớn . T, , r. , ,, " A-t - , n u i " .1 Wir in Europe, và kinds "f goodathe anditof s exhibit khổng lồ prove sầu the state-1 win soI1 advance: S. & M. Beeker still. .. 5 t i i 1 n 1 1moot fid. e. ft there appears that he re- I continue lớn -eil their goods at low prices1Voni the 1.untv lUt m fa having received new, they have sầu nieestpast year or about one thousand percent less than stated by tue rekhung or--an. If the attempt is made to lớn amendthe avtatcmcnt by including tle fees re-ceived from individuals, that will alsol-a-, MtkTLk, i. , . "10 tukt "N,;M, r .Vt;,r iur tlu" c,,tirure ipts f the office j and out ofthatilặng will iv nnp rirji Iir asmfAntsum he will pay one regular assistant,,BdSi Mj froai its tone so.-l reneralaaake-iip we mther like iij "paia." !l- ite-iino here, so it came from, or fr arhatpurt. s,-, we amaaaabla tt aajr. hnt ax ."n.ltho HABsmoxt.s (:, week, & if a -t"iii ieaebange is u,. robbery ?" are hope to lớn Feethe I"Motml :ir.i.!. ilttrriaonimilimet, ( JTaaoaet I"mtlrtf, " fe.)Am lớn Kow Tlia F:! "nT got ona-1 1 . IT " 1 ...; I;.r .h.,t a ) niv,terV: &. .i,.,,. fi,.if ,1(..ri.., t..Ii. w rra t".i" : i . . 1 1. , lavii . uvkiwiQj J:. X with ensmiendab!e rogn-The "r luoutk meerat aad (be Winamaedoine the rartr rood ?erriee in their re-sptetive hjwitteveen.comalities. The Democratic pref this district, with ano or two eacef.tiotw,! ..,.1- ..-"tl. ll n . . 1. , . ,f ,11,.,,j 1 I . . I . , . . ...- .. . . .. .... -i .....Miction of the state. We regret tnhị la r- J: are any reotiona at all, for If paper ipeWiahed aoleW foi the brtad và butter ii Ibrlna h tl,e waj Lu fa ure is. per, :. 1 tli r.,ir." JiiiiM. reason f i,,r o"im- um in.n . i.-jnrw hjl hdpJ te J f 1;ot jwell . rie-l, of eour-e, n ren".Iy live sầu ..J ia I 1 : .. a aaa . B t 1 . Iable paper cannot be maintained; tut a pa-paetaai "loe-- ti"t (pre on.- oinfrls line w i(-.". news ..r orifgiaal matter, caaa I cape" " ""Vl " - - " " im riimnent - . Fhe people; waat Bens, & lie niati who r-iiupty tlits IItWamnnti arintins" trill itltiamtelv Ind !taan be rxenrlaea khổng lồ inflnence, aad tnhì liei u ked upon i? load rather thaa ;i b n-Zi fit t.j hi - tiệc nhỏ. There is no coist"i .1.:.. .. ...i ....: "..f .......... .... ....ithis total lacl of eatarprise oa tin- part of a jfear Deaaoerati papi r-. -it.-i vnererer thej. ;B poarrit shoald dmnlanieralrioron.i flefene và advocaey of its policy ,fraaa these aleepy representative sầu. The day j. . . -,. . nasaed nil fa thedrying np of the waters of the rt I. TheiP..,e wtellicát, amãng cầu win always sup.part a paper Jost in aeeoraanceartta its mer-1its ? :i Bve iaramanper. They dmand"r 0."-?Mwi mattr lgj?? Ieeive sầu it. i r they are amply just itied in w ith-holding their tư vấn. -LamnrU Arytu.w ar(. afj toi,(. T0 (lo,l0a jan pinaon l"rrn ;ih- s eotemporary.Vi iir-." a!.- I glad to be able to lớn DOtC that :thfc n of this eonnty are be-r.vo UJO tl0 n,lP(1 a,ivillv.. ... 1 !t0 appreciate tue Denenis nnico aojoo jafers, a ( only on tbe party towhieli if belongs, but llfOI the .sur-jitHtnelins country, and are eonseqncntrv 18UCcessfaIIy khổng lồ extover its eirca-1Rrv ;. ftVowed protect iouist. He is inI a a" l"ivo-i.i n Im h tir".tiiii shueS t- lirotcct(m j v0 iM, He thinks, bowerer, ithat miễn phí trade ia coolies ongbt khổng lồ be jalloaredlfttnsbnsni V Co. are still in theBarkel witb i full strk of GroceriesiK Provinomãng cầu, whieb tiny i r- selliag atnricej tosnit IhO Uasea. "Ho y alwayspay the bigheal price rot an kinds el( ountrt i rouuee.onntryAH kinds of SAWS Mill, Mky, "inn,fross-attl .m"l CS iealar-jataiaaed ml kanvI mered. All kinds af small raws set and. sharpened ; ti,(. i,s werkaaaallki sssnr-r. ;it ". . J, Adaaw" Maahiae cửa hàng.iulil:r0ai3 BAKEWALL I CARJPor the best Sewing MEaeblmãng cầu bnythe Hinge. jnlCtf- ; ; , wIn , BamU)M9 r the h .rt enniinps of IConjrrcjw, for wbieb the Radicals areresponsible: "The retmpositloa of tbe Iii"li.-iiH ineosM chảy ; the failure In vày IanTtbinrfor tiio rovival ol our pros- jträte interead ; the aiaanae of any h -is-ufl0- lendiaff to lớn restore ipeeic payaaantaj tho iaanotent và ridienlonafarce of fnnding hill ; tbe legwlattonh i uh r (hii ,iif.p )if r; (!lrmLrenanisnjly eontrived to huild(.,.rrairi MRejpnfins; the iefnsaoiwKnow-Motbins; nntaralisattía bill, aad, i " t t :. ... I. .11 . ;rRrtomãng cầu bud-grabbing bilk.". . , , ...-wiiinnir sciuMii in i rasaawiB"the M tin announcod 1 Kngliih: .wiuiiaaT inraHions given hj teaebef ofrlP5 iThe " Yomilimet Folks Rnraf is the !title of a new Run Mid Literary I rMonthly, designed for Young Men & ;Ts " 7" IV kkk r"3 H. W. i. Lewis, the publisher oithe Western Rural, at Chicago. Prizesare offered for stories" and"m ynng writers, f 1.00 per year.111 -DIED," tV Bth last, Dosalo C, enly childj of John und Mary W. MetteneM, ages! 1via:-, 10 months và 7 dees,r! He came mi a aaornina flower, và ere, hi;.h noon, sunk silently, beautifully to- ihU dattrb hisswcet v -T yM,nni c;i,kMl lortfl T0 100enjoyment t" a Meaaed immortalityBUSINESS hjwitteveen.comALS.Plymouth LiifliM Srhool.The fall term of the Voung LadiesSchool witf eommeace Thursday. The mies, r gulatioas, and tuitionarill r.h jv :k la fnnai r tarmãng cầu. l0 will be at our trang chủ in Plymouth 10ne week before"sbịt ol will open, and Ishal! be pleased U) see any of OUT friends. ;L C. Kinney và S. A Xi hols.PlUHaia Victorious....... ..& Co. ä Store With customers, all eager. -khổng lồ avail themselves ol the magnificent. ., .W"" thTwent. Don "t fail to lớn give sầu them aeall, . . . ,và bo conrmeed, an they are determ-mM toci.ic out thi-ir ciitiri v"nct i 1 I1 ! 11 .1 11". iP"10" ,n" "y. vxvv "xnD,U5a. ", i t Udress goods, và still continue to lớn sen):i,.k" ui:ly at i;reat bargains. A fullstochồng of clothing, made of good eassimeiealaraya on hvà, warranted lớn give satis-A .11 oatof ha.strunks & genta furnishing goods always on hand. 8. k M Bkckeilm . , ... i.,.nam giới a nti " n irNEW ADVRT"S,rT?XJnnTTJT"Sr j -p-i ITT mr1 Ii I"I I I VI It Li VTA JJ ULi 1 ,"au & llarahla,i Drag Store,Otm BroPLYMOUTH, IMPhotographs,Gems, andAmbroiyposTakes lathe alehmèo tI- or the art. aadSATIS AUTIUlM G-IV EIN.Fratnvs Mien I on Sin a 4LPRICES TO SI IT THE TIMES.Tin;DaiM hm MlmfflLp DQ PhDt ft Cüffjrf T llTM1 iij Uodl, tljujudl Gi UullMl i-l-JIliin the vosLS).FOlt SALE BYTj TV HS HC K J K1 ..I - mL.J. K-J--i- V w .J-Tw. ?Da tike Corner South of Varktr JlonstGIVE IT A TlflALUSE NO OTHER.e i k ri i nIjtj F Lfimf JjO" Wi."M--JHE JJÜME J0,illJU i.lilli a 1 1 1 1 .i iiIOF COLUMBUS, OHIO,laearea aaraiaat Lass or Damage hjpiRfi OR a I m .t ,, ) -ii..v MmMtaaa In tli..- - - "AlbiUIV Otj (oiMpailV.or ALBANY, KE1 YORK,saa-meaasmcyowüa.ao4-oa-uIMymouth, MgEflERALJj JÜSURANCJ GESTf(Reprencoti the folwwinsContinental. . Y.,...$2,o30,l22 (I ,l I 81J.1111" N"YvHome. Cnlumlms. o. LUUO.Oiai W3Albwuj i in, Albany, N. V 444.814 1JCleavelaad, f LTearelaad, (.. öl , I"ll ;7Offlco--Room I , Ovor P. O.SOLICITORS WANTED.July i-t. lhtn. Kly.iiINKItUPT S !.F.Sotiee is iierebi lbs! the aatler-siira)94!. asslaaea of the estate of Shoemaker A Bren fleông chồng, af Plymouth, ladiaaa,will, on the l day of Ananst, l-Tu, sellkhổng lồ the highest bidder for cash, all a ! par-.-n .-. I property ol f-: i t Rankrarpta, notamptad -y taw, eaasisttag af one spin afbor . m. 2 -ju ifijr nragaaa, 2 seta of harases,om saông chồng a, and all Iba loots và ataramê mệt.v tln tn in tbs bntekeriag và neatsslliu, business. Rale to eommeace ;it iochjwitteveen.comk, m. J. i". II IWklN.S,Aua. M. 1870 "of assiffaee.APPLPhường . iiu.N I i lit LI l. - E.Jg hereby given tnhị I will, al 1 1n"t refrnlar seasion of tke Marshall couatcommissioners" eourt. apply for besnsenil apiritoua, vinous :: " amli liqaara "ikss .tianiiiy limit a iiart at lime. The10,1. I propose la sell hi at lotII It III M " " i t i ; j in l"i . " .wool, f formerly Pearaanviile) Marskallroaat, Indiana. IMAAI .1. BARLOW.anglltSfiThe beard af trastaas A" Iks tewa afPlymdtitk havd hoaa la eaaaiderabla ex-pen! is repairiag và rr:i n j injf tka aaaeaa lery arounds, w kick ar . now aarreyedniol lni.i oMt in lot-, w hu ll n ill li :iiijriM!"civà laid o-it in lot-, whieli will b" aiipriÜHi-daad for ;le in :i tín đồ daya The I;it eaa. .i u . aa .. li i i ;ii i 1 " "inn ii WW.

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lawi n ii"itrih te imrchaae lots will please Điện thoại tư vấn on aaa,PICTLalso tkoaa waa bavotakea lota aitkoalperngươi ion e baviaa paid for tke fame.HARDWARE, TINWARE, &c.Greater Reduction!TI L IaIN ALL KINDS OFIf the Old Dickson CornerMASSuccessors lớn H.have just DeceivedRH ELFI If V T W M?P!lWMrE hall stll imr old stoông chồng, or l.uwtK. ITjoawaalM-Ware, Stoves,STOVES"USE, K"ASS. it "l"E. S( VTIIi"S. ri!R!i"J. IttX, IT, O "CTO- flBt IWARE,or iiU. L-I.c m a cafl..ill kfaj fa ofN AI LS,TiN &, COPPER-WARE,kjjrwg"" 1Wc Baveaocaiaafhe pcrrteea ofMR. H. B. DICKSON,who will le bappj lớn arc hr oh! Msaaa a"nin.rjAFqWe Invite Everybody toàn thân to ComeGL ASS,and.REMRMMB TUR Pli IIIEl lUäVUttlT 14, IS7(1. -45ITWORKS- . 43 - -77r : TT- rlUNITED STATES WATCH COMPANY,Maaafac taten af all srradei ar.aaerleau Watchea, peudanl aiadera, k--y alnd -r. tu I both Nickel andFronted novenii ;it.The finer cradew an aavl Kt tnree pal? ol . hiImt"U adiated 10 heat, CoW poeltion; a ia m cheapert irradea. have sầu taentraibt line eai np?meat, l?hexi lpall I icwela, aud harden .-! nnd-teaitwred hair apnnjr?; & Yur!u- Inj- iI! ""-vr, ! i:i -t-m -:"! : i".r.-U . -I".-v. :t1 anv other mann! t- at norae or aoroau."on-iantivon hvà full iiu -. ail in rol I, r. fllainoi ,i sei & rnapl cw, miatite reacatenI fiKltpendrni i . l-3tplit angươi fly- achồng Mcoadf, for Uhlnir three different times. Price list rarafehed tht-nlc onatHtlka"nw 1 loiin "bnIcw card. Vor aale ay tii- trade aenerally.j Whoi.-iie Kooaaa, vi Maiden Lane, New fork; và .n.fc, Biio. co.. 14 Lake st.. Chicago, HIKan Yohk. Jan. lTtli. 18TC. Watch ". rJ51 Bearma trade mark "FredericW.itrh Va NSftlleariac trade mark "Frederle"Atherton A Co., Mat ton, N. -J.."" mannfactnred byMhertnn A Co Marino, X. .i.."" mananctnred by Dalted Slatea Watch Co., h:n heea carried atel iiitid state Watch Co., baa been earrlea hy me fonr montha; Itn total variation from meaa timefrom Pt"cember, IHK khổng lồ Janoarv I7tta, 1870. ita bemg oaW five sầu eeeoads per moMh.Intal variation belns only trn eecunda In tbe entire t a HASKINS, Coadactor oa Hadaoa Birer" Bail .i. i:. CIIITTKS DEN, 1 itt li tfr ! . B. Tr. aaary.B7.IA. ii i"..nn. trxfif mark "FrcderlItherton at Co.," manntactored by Ualfed StateajCailed Statea watch Co., haa been carried by meWatch Co. hae been carried iy aw Keren moiith: dace iane.lS87; total ramnoafrom meaa time ne-A. L. UEXNW" Pred nt .S. . lt. B. T. Co.time belrc lx secona.w are ptcaaed lớn r r aehm toa ton well knownS TiinD 1 S VU,CU " "r K f.-l" ,.t ,i- Ka ClAengo, Bt.i M. T. PHELPS, nj (mftrtor ,Y. .. fa. a, i?.i Baa, SAMUEL MEM II ILL,Ovctrwr of Lnct.r - tFWtH "j " :.. Waaoat nVafem BaBtrny .i! if. ES ""( d- (Ca, Muiwfitctnrer ana ll hotemte acarccra,3 4 take Street,orri ca.:ILL CLOSE OCT,FOR THE NBZT 30 DA1TS,A LARGEg Alii OiLN AM) POM AD"! 50 Dt. II:; ir DresaingI 50 Bta. Pomadej",t ...ALSO, A LABOE STOCK okuXElS. OOIaXiARS.PAPER )M. Aits AT 18 trăng tròn 23 cents per Box.W.irlh 33 80 40Gọi r.t th- Poat-OMee Ni-w Depot, & hr convinced.JlIa l kinds oftri -A V.TT MNEATLY AND PROMPTLY EXECUTED AT THEDEMOCRAT JOB OFFICE.FJItTMOVTH aTOtTBIOBiYbandL , , r . NMf I O PENG 1 N ES Rl riLT A KD R BPhường A I R S D I NSHORT NOTICE.PULLKYS,SIIAFTINn,MILL GEARINGS,O rV M X I G ?s ,mlsrrllsaiioMs aaJ rommmãng cầu tm haail or marts toorili r. Those hps, w tê mê h aero destroyed hj Irsiaat wlatär. have boon rehntlt mid fSraliaad wi".Lew machlnrry ihroughoot.All kind at caatinemê man douo la the aeatsjaal durable maaaar.(in!. I . ildted.17 i i WM. .1 ADAMS. PltmrhHoc.DTICE Tn NON-RKRIDKNT.upf; nj. iiii ; (I ,."( , OJ M,v (j ,n th( MMhai, circuit eeart, rebmsry. ,v -,Prederiông chồng nstia,"I keadore K. tapp,i. ward ii i in,Rokerl barkias,Mars J. Larkias.PeveeleenreITke plaintiffs ia Ike above entitled cause,ky Ih vi i attorneys hare filed ia my etnee i haireomplainl s gainst the defendauts, and ii uppaarlaa nj the a SI davit of compel en 1person Ikal defei laata, Bobsrl Larkiasad Mary 3. Larkias, ore aaa-resldentsaf the state of Indiana ; Ihey are aereb)aotiied oi ill ftling and pendency of saidcamplalal agaiasl 1 kern, & u a less Iherappear & aaawer tkeretoal tkeealllai; alsaid caaae aa Iks lir-t daj of s:i il tensoi il coart, lớn ! begun aad held sllbs eonrl konac ia tke Iowa af Hyateutk,count j of Marshall, aad state of ladiaaa,i n Ike irsl Moaday inaebraary, 1879, saideomalalnl and tin matters & Ikiags tkerain alleaeU, will be keat 1 & determiai I intheir abssaee.JtlilN I". CI SUM N. I :,rk.Merriield & r.lkin?, plfi stt;?.an. I lB. DICKSON ,a new supply orat HARDWARE at COSTS3HXA0STinware, In, Nails,Wo sanaQictare to order Ir.i.i"HSYSS AVOldSee Us."NOHlB If ISDN"S fll-flDlÜAOUil 0 UliDXAMII ftV BRKCKEXRIDCiEi -.fafP. T."ir:tupiroi, cap ; -.v. insoia -xnuy, am awcur--ir u"-ll. .m: ... an.; .inuiu-v, ,.iin.-:.u ,iii..i-Watch So. IS97 Bearinc trade mark "FredericAtOerton k Co., If arion, N. J .." aiaanfactured byin." oniy nv mtoium permoum.HENBV atril, Iteaar Panama B. lt.. 88 Wall -tpanic- who hare given us their eittiaeatee, as ioVMNM Y OB I. l SWtTfr PhUn. & Erie R. R.WAbMJsu mm. a ". ." ..i " iuctnrPtnn, . .". ?.A. tt . ..V..IV . .. " Sjay aad ."... ta.WM. MITCHELL,c ...,t,..-t,.r Phường. K. 1?. ?.CH :ACO, ILL.r .. JW .iV. ti.8TO iv OPCalf:it lo c"ii?sat SO eentflat !" 15 eaatg..worth 80 cent a.,.W0li i ! -euts.. . wort Ii !ö coat a...worth in cents.X SimM1TEUS1 1 BE9BIKSCorhin"s Briek Bhjwitteveen.comk, Corner of Michiganand Laporte Streets,PLYMOUTH, IND.milimet ii very L3i rue...We kava a nice stock ofDry Ccods,NotioitStClothing,Hats,Caps,Boots,andShoes.OUR GROCERIESCrockery,Glassware &tin rd ware.We :.iv closing out atREDUCED PBICES,And invite all la điện thoại tư vấn and BSCLE W BL M ft BRIIRRN&Jah .". s;i. 4ötfFURNITURE.(1 riLaBB,Deal r in nil kllaSs ofF 1 15 IN ITU lit K ,w illow I"hairw Lookhar Gmilimet ss, BsS Sptlsajs aadRath ai ma.Undertaker Trimmings.II ALMUT AMD MOMAVh on r 9PEJRS,IMtiilli OannsMlwith aTl, am aa Raasaoaale Teraw i lea aid tiore oia. s. Clsmê mẩn tdaad on I ii"-irtt Btm Ir; mouth. No .1 Sl).rii ttl fc8 Btä iaftlNEW ADVERT"S.KAUTION. Noch i fa i hereby eivea that my"y iic. rnuc.iui j. sn-miT, Has hngươi inv ih-u aimni n iiuoiit namãng cầu ur irwvucauou, .npersons are therefore eaatJoocd sgaiast harboringor triittiiiir heron mjr ifCWll. a 1 will pay uodclits of her eOBtraCthnr.Pi 1 1 LETTS SHAFFER.Au;" 11 io23GOOD NEWS FOR Tili: HUXüKV!KOONTZ & HOHAM,No. 7. Rohaaa"a Bhjwitteveen.comhồng, L!.j).ir str.-ct,Plymouth. Indiamãng cầu.We MTs rtwlret oaraew Itstwiyaad Restnsrant, Mafciaf it .-. ilrst-t!as eatablialin.tfat. Wckeep a lull aattrlmrl ofXTritK-A" Groceries,Confectioncrie) Cigart l kinds of Pratt la waaea. o crs in averfftyle, also i"vr aal by the can,rca!s at aH Kotrs.Day and a cli noard -n liberal tern. Glra usa call angươi Mt"tsfr ronnelDecember 14U KOOKTZ 4fc HOHAM .IMSURACE.GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCYA.C.&A.llCAPR0iPLYMOUTH, IND.Incur" your Uvea In theMutual Life, of New York,The leading Life Insurance Company In the World!i C aii Anaette, 8; firr yovr Hornet ."In urc year Mcrchtinditt "Insure o".nr Vrofh r ."In.-nrt ffour Tn.e. ftoTHM andStoông xã ayatatl Stt eaaf damnft by Fire andLightning, ia one of the following Out ana2iuabu Ixmê mệt rami: CoxPAanca;Ascttf.International, X. York, $1,200.841 30North American " 773,843 77,V York Central 200,000 00Yonlxre d; New Yurie. 878,401 2fame, Nelớn ffavent 1,786,36549n e are prepared to lớn laaae poBeiea n the in-i"-tGtvorable t.-rin in my of tri- above compaaloa.Ayên ổn, we have sầu tbe General Aja"j of Indiamãng cầu andViehican of tr.uThành Phố New York Ventral Insurance Company.A front a & Solicitors wanted.OrHe" tn Brownie "s bloông xã, wp vj ."" 2laREAL ESTAT .DEAL ESTATE OFFImmLapil B jug;ht & & onReasonable Term .L& and Town Lois for SaleA. C. S CiL CftPSOS.I ll II r v , ! I ä " . a""-l".T "k I turntland, heavily rirab red with alaông chồng watnat, paalaraii an l :k: price, t i-r,.; t,riM- fiy.The ti e 4aec S8, i ""A. n r ö c. ISO acrea. extraland, ith the bcKtqaality of heavy timber; aica:ir per acre, oo third down, balance on loactiam." The - nee tl, t 04, ranse 3 e, vw acrea, heavytiniinT. RHtatlyoak & poplar; laad of tfewi boatqaality& in Lf,, 1 n idghboraood! iri- "ir peraen ,me-thirddowa. balanca on eay teraaa.The Be, aad n .. n 10, ISS. r :! e, MSr.cp-!. moatly splendid mowing marsh, timberenoagh for handing ;itkI (cocing parpoaes: price$8 r acre; t"T:n eaay."! he : w 1,l sec t"l nr3 c. 108 acres: aboutrt II u a 41 t V". a 1 ra r?-"1 aaäMääa emlaavtalljl "SO acres bottom l&, the balinceasfioea tract oltimber land as can :-" fo& lathe county: pricetwent d"diara per acre, good ternw."I he e 4 n a . sec . 1 Rt, r 1 SO acr", oikl;:;T""ii and mo . Im: marsh: khổng lồ ba had at ahanrala"I he s Kt an n c Vi s v i sec B. tSt. r 1 e. BQ -. t iinbr i.iid me wing marsh: i.lfbl (Ul!ürsper .icre.N " . r- v n . i , Ree 20. t Hl. 1 ". 140 !I acres, parthvavy barrens, part ma rah. Six dolla ii.rr .,. r.".The d w LA n w : , section IT. t 2. r I e. 40 acrea;good lvà, lớn I !. id i !. ,p hi ! ..n pood terms.Thefrl w i w . sec 10, t .". r 1 .-. Iii act s,!t a timber, unit some bottom land; tendollarepcf acre.To-wn Lotst.Lot -:i in orhriaal plal ol Plymoaty; lio;i" lr.nrcenoa?blbr two famines; one (..ftln- most deatrabielot in town; price (8SO.Lot .:. price 03001 Lot 141, price $i.Vi100. .ThUti olas, tooisa. rti KS40L300.1 ...taereoel. hlaAM in CabbelP. ml RJflflt i . ..-.ui, acre n w ilo-k .vt khổng lồ urn; ar.- sc bloông chồng 80 ! BOOdododoilldol1 , acre i -. 1 , Moông chồng r-"w j e !, bloông chồng MSLot ISLot SIr,!,,"Mlaasr.iKi44JÜtot -21 aoLot SSI and 84. wltb hoooe, ll mh ad . SOSITjon deKirinch to parchare timbered bmda rIowa properly, will vì chưng well to lớn give sầu uj a Hotline.Title examined & alitr:ctd taralshi"d. Otlict;In Brow alee bhjwitteveen.comhồng.PLYMOUTH, IND.aov2.V69-121y.DRY COODS.$100 K13. m. DALE Sc CO,Ravedetetssaed toseUaff their entire tochồng olCon. Is time ofHATS,CAPS.CLOTHING,BOOTS & SHOES,DUESS GOODS,MUSLINS,FltlNTS,DE LA 1 N I S.HOSIEKY,GLOV i:s.GENTS FLRN"OGOODS,I l ilS. &c .dill nnd T 1?0(luu um:wAad ni liSpaj$100 IN GREENBACKSTo the easterner pawaasliig theLARCEST BILL OF GOODS.Torntlrty the people that they meaa hat thejsay, the have rudaccd their faeai as loalowa:Yard trtvì chưng Bleac1ic1 Muslin, wortk Is. m iti i i.Ginghama, worth eta., at 15 eta.Poplins, arorih 11,25, at 7." eta.Atataaea Lnntirjj, Ni-r(,li .". (.-.. mê say 25its.flannels, north 7 cts., :ii 5ofMBM(. 1 Crash, L0 eitB-r -Tf Oaf Rai! Co.Isai . ;? :HARDWARE.TJAItDWAHE và SIOVES., I IIMtQMTAXT TO THOSE FUBCMA&ESOHARDWARE!X"j. 9, Mtcfii"jan Sret(, HfrMSSflt, IJ,ARE now peceli in diivrt from the Vanalactareraaiid taiporten, a geaaial aawaitmaat ofHOUiJE TKBIMINGANDHOUSE FUMISHIIG KXROWME,And nn eadUtaa variety of aaaftdFARM IMPLEMENTS.stekZh Ktixa,PAfST. PI171"SHOVELS. SPADE.GLASS, SASH, DOOMS,PUMPS, VP:. PACK WO, BELTJXO,MOPES, SHOT, POWDER, LMAH JURDUAf,E Jiff ASS AXO COPPER KITTL Fs. T7SCUPS, TABLEAX1 POCKJPT CUTLER T PARVA KMTCBXEM8 ANDBiroKtC8TA CJCT.ETC., ETC.Cook tova, auJ jiomc that f!on"t Cook, r.irlrrStoves for sittitnj room, pitting room Stoves ft?rTarlor-, Petated Ov n St)v-, và Ovens tliathave not been elevated, ( hains of 11 kinds. BatT"ap- lớn catch M"cc & Mic Trap ,o catch Bat,Tinners Coppcrcrs và rtfienATWO XXNTH3SHQP.AIL KINDS ObStIELF AD HEAVYH Ä.KDWAREAS I.O".V FIGURES AS CAN BEFOUND ON THIS CONTINENT.Oar Qoodomain authority ware purthaoM atth cash (Webocrorwwd 4:) at tho reiy lowest prtcea, aad " .pent "it ttujafr lav irnttof FreigkL, We propose to1 lor fbaa và vc lou t care where ou gel tue! monevi C. O. BUC:k.r. E. TO AN.LAND và INSURAraCfcT.EAL ESTATE AGENCY. OFS "bMi "OStee in tbe room abrmerhj aeeapted by the Pictore Gallery, và .-outh of the uemocrat oftlce.i rt r w-v r a rn a a ta rn T I rt1 UMf hhlft Aböl It At I.: ji in-- uih oi anII f.fsiiti rit if.. .aha!! County,1 1 F. A Ti ESTATEBought muni Sold n tJtr Moot Brass neta1fknaa.No Extra Charge MadFir infonnntion relative sầu lớn chain ol .title lớn tho"hainK ejavevaacea made.Wild Lvà. ImpVdlFarmsTown Lots andResidencesFor sale at very LOW rillCl"Sand L0KG TOULCuU und trumuM litt of toads for nult, undTriers.INSURANCE OFFICE.j Ttía mitowlaa eamaoli atureaee lUedlsjIi" VA". ftVw 1. r I ttttli s i."1 ODO 00HAUTFOUD.f-flL i. Vt. "J. ".". OthMSIMEMCUANTS, of Vkicu ltUUOU0O0UTaeaaoTe eomtwalea r.r.- v.:roaamaaiti amày the coantrj, aan to tEOtaiflf :i3.l l"liulIr .RATES pjj all eqi tablewithout litieation. i " ial iadaeesseet oaV-red: residenic & farm risks. 51BOOTS AND SHOES.4LL BU ARK IN V ANT ol VFlrat-Clsina Hoint -Ha.ici U OT Oll SN OECan be seeamaiedate ! tyKUTP Hà Nội và LANCFELDT,At Williams" ä Thayer , (Pawl"s old stvà.Beint praetieal workmen, we think we eaarrive sầu satisfaction io -ill who mat fkvor nsrith Ikeir patronage. V.. will .iUojrie"snrtieolat addeatioa mi-airiu.t ins l-lil-. Il II .V LAftUr I.I MlNEWELL GRAVESflLL sttead prompti) lớn all work eiuruslm aw care.REPAIPING WELL và NEÄTLY DONEOn flioi-t INtiti!.All work V rtaadad Satifartion cuaranterd.I"atroimg" nii nSbop aver Hammaa is i a Dui grocen iJsaaarj SO, i.-n ana i"tGROCERIES.JIST OPEXEO.on theC rner DottfAof Hke SrJw Mmuw. ".vpt solo a npAtatHM Mas ("hocklb "vjr ct mp oGLASSWARE và LAMIthe I:t?f ta ! mot a joro 1 .tvles, whichwill be at prices that defjeem; t.juCA LL AND EXAMINE.Alao a rrcea tnnjfa ffHOICE FAMILY GBWEBI1Cask Tmid for Comniru V oäumE. R. SHOOKSPOOL TIMEAITHt CELEBRATED2A.T, STE WART CTOR THE UNITED STATr or S:uc, at Wholesale aadWILLIAMSON t BERG MAXi 8. cv m. BECKER.CLEAVELAND c: BEHRENS,.J M DALE & CO.,LAUER k nilO.,L. LOGAN,alyamnssiaa, Iiitl.Inlf -1 1 1 j.i !KUNST BOH Imn mmngươi wVasaaaajakhông đúng woet, east of Pur".-, t ü -.I"lj UlOltlli, IREPAIRING sad Rneaedioeltr doae :Good ISaambti a. oo i.ol i.. i -aaes và i eaaraulec rutisfsrtioa.jr;" . I. . -StBjf K. P"1MTHAT Ii aS r.lTSKÜcocti wrws & t- r",a-r, sncm"n 11 - tf J3 T " 1Boll .... r1 Csrdiiic and Spfnniar. ISht a hi i . rntl nr. lVetnc . Ii.i ..mày - ar pi: i aa 1 i.i.naaacla, Jeaaa. v. I mki v. m-k.h.ii.-. Me, afnar nianaCactar, r eachawi1 j-.t t1" Paeterv, Tlmteeam " sera, !comày.i .. Indiana, tod at tae Pavbl"arm. n! f a. L Aliraiaa J. U. iu fi, ..iutfi,r: an. .A. C. THOMPSONLiveir,Fced k SiST R LEAt lis Ol? Bi isW, neal3L.VMOtTTII, I"MHorses it Can ?8 toAr t Hoiipetl satt.l nr r--r- -v A"t TTnrV - - T ! i L. 4 1. ) :Iin ;-toi piyaae . sadi md as 1J li" has f Hmaeattyl.ot;itnl I ia PtjIMOOf alPat the quảng cáo.qwac of csvyin on tlij r: EL.UY m sinrA. ti, -or.-. i Ii. r l. ..i".ft I i me li i. fall nw r:::) lir .f I ( ftf"S.J ii y II palrlnn ,. -e on -m a worVmaadihe and IA"1-.h i, ism- ,:iJABINET STARBA -V DA. L. ALLEMAS d Illae on hxrrt nt n"ltlni a romph e an, k ell ,il.ii"t "nn"iiH"l rurnitiirr. u1 u ill .l i n ti rv r";.orll rl" Al-o. .. i.-k of nnd Knr i.l.ii-i fihia "-. A gOml Raarai "tuecet! Ushmtatnci corrnrny or all fioeVe.f nrnW A promptha"-e srrsrfan-ala avltli ih- lifcarea, nt ( hirapo. 1 , ii S that ;t.iomj.t"k .j U -l ai ah tinA I A I T T V A" aITraK
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