The HR6X scanner is also a USB driver much like the Genius ColorPage Vivid 4x which is also listed on this website. The driver for this scanner is listed below with its hardware & software ID tags listed. Always scan all files which you download from the mạng internet. There are a number of cleaners on this trang web such as CCleaner và MalwareBytes scanners.

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Note again the ID for the driver listed below. The tệp tin is very small!

ProvName=”Genius” MfgName=”Genius” ;USBVID_05E3&PID_0100.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6X Slim” USBVID_0458&PID_2018.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR7X Slim” USBVID_0458&PID_2019.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6X Slim”

BULKUSB.SvcDesc=”Genius ColorPage USB Scanner”

Genius ColorPage HR6X Slyên ổn Driver (32 bit) – Vista

Genius ColorPage HR6X Slyên ổn Driver (64 bit) – Vista

Genius ColorPage HR6X Driver – Windows XP

ProvName=”Genius” MfgName=”Genius” ;USBVID_07B3&PID_0001.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB” ;USBVID_0458&PID_2004.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB” ;USBVID_0458&PID_2005.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB”

;USBVID_07B3&PID_0001.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-Vivid III USB” ;USBVID_0458&PID_2004.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-Vivid III USB” ;USBVID_0458&PID_2005.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-Vivid III USB”

USBVID_07B3&PID_0001.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6/Vivid3 USB” USBVID_0458&PID_2004.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6/Vivid3 USB” USBVID_0458&PID_2005.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6/Vivid3 USB”

USBVID_0458&PID_2011.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-Vivid3X USB” USBVID_0458&PID_2014.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-Vivid4 USB”

USBVID_0458&PID_2007.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6 V2 USB” USBVID_0458&PID_2008.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6 V2 USB” USBVID_0458&PID_2016.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6X USB” USBVID_0458&PID_2009.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR6A” USBVID_0458&PID_2013.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR7″ USBVID_0458&PID_2012.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR7A” USBVID_0458&PID_năm ngoái.DeviceDesc=”Genius ColorPage-HR7LE”

BULKUSB.SvcDesc=”Genius ColorPage USB Scanner”

There is NO windows 7 or Windows 8 driver for this.

Try the following:

*** Take the Zip file & extract the zip tệp tin


*** Now RIGHT cliông chồng on the install file và click on compatibility troubleshooting.


*** Cliông xã on Troubleshoot Compatibility và it will search the driver file


*** It will now give an option. This is on Windows 7. Cliông xã Recommended Settings


*** There you go you can install the driver


The following is a second option!

Note: If it does not run on your operating system then try lớn run it in compatibility mode. This was the last driver for this hardware as it is very old and was never updated again. What you could try is running the driver in compatibility mode.

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1. Place the driver installation tệp tin on the Desktop.

2. Right Click the driver installation tệp tin and select Properties/Compatibility Tab.

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