SQLyog Ultimate enables database developers, administrators, và architects lớn visually compare, optimize, and document schemas.

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SQLyog Ultimate includes a power tool to lớn automate & schedule the synchronization of data between two MySQL hosts. Create the job definition file using the interactive sầu wizard. The tool does not require any installation on the MySQL hosts. You can use any host to lớn run the tool.

SQLyog Ultimate includes a power tool khổng lồ interactively synchronize data. Run the tool in attended mode to lớn compare data from source và target before taking action. Using the intuitive display, compare data on source and target for every row khổng lồ decide whether it should be synchronized in which direction.



SQLyog Ultimate includes a power tool to interactively compare và synchronize schema. View the differences between tables, indexes, columns, và routines of two databases. The tool generates the correct scripts lớn synchronize the schema.

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SQLyog Ultimate includes a power tool to import external data khổng lồ transfer data from any ODBC compliant data source lớn MySQL. Use its interactive sầu wizard khổng lồ define its parameters. The import mechanism provides powerful và effective features, such as incremental import, và store và schedule import sessions.


SQLyog Ultimate includes a power tool to lớn schedule the exporting of databases as SQL scripts for backup. The tool saves selected objects inlớn a single tệp tin or multiple files. You can export schema only, or schema and data. The session establishes all required connections during the operation execution.

SQLyog Ultimate includes a power tool lớn schedule Squốc lộ queries. The tool generates, formats, and sends personalized emails with results returned from a scheduled query. You can also use this tool lớn exexinh tươi maintenance queries. The interactive sầu wizard validates queries before scheduling.

SQLyog Ultimate includes a tool to profile executed SELECT queries. The tool displays:

Query performance & how indexes were usedThe rewritten query from MySQL’s OptimizerWarnings from the query executionThe change of status variables due to the query executionDetailed information of all internal operations for the query execution
SQLyog is the best database management tool I have sầu ever used. It’s easy to use, backups are easy and fast. The query builder makes life much easier.
SQLyog really is the best breed of all the Squốc lộ administrators out there. It"s feature rich. Works well, does what it"s supposed to lớn vì chưng, and doesn"t cost a lot.
One of the nice things about this sản phẩm is excellent technical support! A great product, I highly recommend it.
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