the area of giải pháp công nghệ that deals with sending digital information over long distances using wireless forms of communication:

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In vehicles, telematics can be used lớn monitor hours used & miles driven, each of which can be recorded in real time.

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Furthermore, with the advent of computer and telematics technologies, nursing educators need to rethink nursing education altogether.
A field that has great potential as well as great potential costs is telematics, the application of computers and communications in health care.
Future workers are going lớn have khổng lồ learn about telematics, & this is why the task force on educational multimedia is such a good idea.
This might be a semantic point, but in actual fact the costs of not using telematics are closely related to its advantages.
That reflects the very rapid developments in this field, or at least in the area of road transport telematics.
None of these proposals is of any great value khổng lồ us in the absence of a national strategy for microtechnology và telematics.
These include telematics, where the applications giảm giá with advanced information and communication systems for a wide range of purposes, non-nuclear energy, và transport.

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There is also scope for extension of statutory responsibility, perhaps, in the areas of telematics & computers.
Telematics applied khổng lồ transport undoubtedly produces significantly positive effects, such as satellite navigation in the sự kiện of particular weather conditions.
The technical options exist, ranging from satellite-based navigation lớn the use of telematics in management.
Think, on the other hand, too of the progress in medical science and medicines, the developments in information technology, robotics, telematics & multitruyền thông.





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