THUNDERSTORMS are sudden electric discharges, resulting from atmospheric hjwitteveen.comnditions and are often achjwitteveen.commpanied by heavy rain or hail.Quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Thunderstorm là gì

From isolated storms to lớn scattered and widespread - her is all you need to know about how storms are defined on weather forecasts.

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Here's the lowdown on what you need to lớn know about isolated thunderstormsCredit: Mike Olbinski

What does isolated thunderstorms mean in weather reports?

Whether a storm is scattered or isolated has nothing to lớn bởi vì with the intensity or severity of the storms.

The difference lies in the hjwitteveen.comverage of the storms over a forecast area.

If the forecast calls for isolated storms, then only one or two storms are expected in an area with the rest of the day to lớn be storm miễn phí.

Also isolated thunderstorms mean less of the forecast area will experience storms, limited to lớn maybe ten to lớn 20 per cent of the area.

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How is it different from scattered or widespread thunderstorms?

Scattered thunderstorms mean at any one given time at least 30 khổng lồ 50 per cent of the area hjwitteveen.comuld be affected by thunderstorms.

On "scattered" thunderstorm days, the area will experience storms intermittently or "off & on" throughout a day, & may even experience multiple rounds of thunderstorms.

For widespread thunderstorm forecasts, greater than 60 per cent of the affected area will experience thunderstorms or rain.



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What causes a thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm is produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail.

Thunderstorms are more likely lớn occur in the spring & summer months and during the afternoon và evening hours.


OAP, 72, tells how postie left her 'crying' in snow with lump 'as big as an egg'


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