The Blade & Soul Revival Unreal Engine 4 overhaul page has received an update, this time talking about equipment, the breaker system, combat UI and more.

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Blade & Soul"s equipment system is getting some changes it seems, as the team talks about its existing way khổng lồ raise equipment levels. NCSoft states that while this system "worked well," there are definitely flaws in the system. As such, Blade & Soul players will no longer need to lớn target Mythical rank dungeons in order khổng lồ raise thành tích levels to lớn Mythical rank.

"Mythical rank items will retain the same requirements lớn grow XP., but earning up small rewards to lớn breakthrough certain stages will no longer be needed. Upon drop, the chiến thắng will be an already completed khung công trình lượt thích the current Mythical rank sản phẩm. These items will have sầu random stat bonuses though, so it will take some time khổng lồ acquire the best version."

TheBlade & Soul team addresses concerns that this new system might make Mythical rank items less valuable, though the team seems khổng lồ be staggering how the new method is applied, with weapon items, heart, pet, soul và talismans not affected at first.

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In additon lớn the upgrade changes, a new Insignia System is being implemented, giving players a way khổng lồ better "define their style and role more concretely." This will be coming in the second Mythical Dungeon, though NCSoft does state this is subject to change.

Our Unreal Engine 4 Revival site has been updated! We"ve sầu added information about Equipment, Events, Combat UI, and the all-new Breaker system. All this & more arriving Q.3 for the West! #bns #ue4

— Blade & Soul (
bladeandsoul) May 26, 2021

Blade và Soul is also getting addressing the fact that players can buy growth materials, stating that it "does not encourage players to engage with nội dung."

"In light of this, we plan to introduce a new Pass with future updates. This will act as a ‘Subscription type’ mã sản phẩm that allows players to lớn gain benefits as they play. Players will still be able lớn purchase direct items if they wish, but this should offer a more immersive option."

Also introduced with the page update is a new Breaker System. This system sees bosses build up a gauge during combat, which when full renders them defenseless. TheBlade & Soul team states that the new system will function like the Joint Attaông xã system, with the Breaker System providing a "more powerful effect." You can see the Breaker System in action in the đoạn phim embeded below.

Blade & Sould"s RevivalUE4 upgrade is coming Quarter 3 2021. In addition to lớn the above, the new version will see a streamlined battle UI, improved visuals và more. This hasn"t slowed development on the current release, as Winds of Ragelaunched on May 12th, bringing with it a new heroic dungeon.

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