So you’re well on your way khổng lồ leveling your character or you have just reached the over game. Chances are that you have sầu had questions about how a certain cống phẩm is used or how lớn unloông xã some portion of the game… Whatever the question is, our goal is to have an intuitive và comprehensive sầu FAQ lớn help BNS players, no matter how experienced.

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The intention of having this post is lớn create a growing danh mục of FAQ’s, so if you come across any Q&A’s that are not here or if you have anything you would like lớn add, please post in the comments below.

Q: What are Small Dragon Certificate‘s used for?A: Small Dragon Ceritificates can be used khổng lồ purchase Small Soulstone Pouches at Zen Bean Traders. They are also used for guild crafting (nội dung not yet released in NA)

Q: Where can I get a Purification Jar?A: Purification Jar’s can only be purchased in the Marketplace, they are created by the Merry Potter’s crafting guild. Purification Jar’s are used to unlochồng the 3rd tier of your windstride ability.

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Q: How vày I unlochồng Faction Daily Quests?A: There are several places which provide faction dailies (listed below) and they get unlocked depending on your level with your faction.

Tomun Range – Whispering SpringsThe Scortching Sands – Crimson/Cerulean OverlookBlackram Shipyard – Crimson/Cerulean Beach Outpost – Where you start getting soul stonesMisty Woods – Crimson/Cerulean WartentHelp the site out! Go to Patreon for more info!

Q: What bởi I vì chưng with extra outfits?A: Some outfits may be salvaged khổng lồ get fabric, the fabric can then be used to transmute into other materials

Q: What are Naryu Coins / Naryu Silver used for?A: Naryu Silver is used as a token khổng lồ enter BSH (Bloodshade Harbor). Naryu Silver is also used as an tăng cấp catalyst for weapons and accessories. Naryu Coins on the other hvà can be used for Dragon Blood recharges inside dungeons và also khổng lồ trade in for items at selected Merchants. Naryu Coins can also be used as in the Wheel of Misfortune (located near Bloodchia sẻ Harbor):

66% Better Luông xã Next Time! tokens (You can exchange 10 of these for 1 Wheel of Misfortune Ticket)19% Blackram Soju/Kaoliang Ju12% Dark Sliver Chests (Gives 1-2 Naryu Silver)2% Invitation from the Dragonscale Arena1% Siren Emblem

Q: Where can I get Soulstones? Where can I farm Soulstones?A: Here are a danh mục of places you can receive SoulstonesFaction Dailies starting from the Beach Outpost & Misty WoodsTomb of the Exiles daily quest (Soulstones x2)Treasure Chests và Quest Rewards

Q: Where can I get a Gem Hammer? What is a Gem Hammer used for?A: Gem Hammers are used khổng lồ break the gem cap on weapons, you are able khổng lồ socket 2 gems khổng lồ begin with and you need a gem hammer to lớn unloông xã the other 2 slots. They can either be purchased at the hongmoon store or from the marketplace. They are also rare drops in the treasure chests you get from daily quests, but the drop rate on chests are really low.

Q: What is a Training Certificate? Where can I get a Training Certificate?A: Training Certificates may be purchased from Zen Bean Traders at places like Mushin’s Tower or while waiting for a match in the Aremãng cầu. It costs 5,000 Zen Beans to lớn purchase.Training Certificates are used for Clan Crafting, you can make 750 Clan Potions (LINK) & part of the recipe requires 10x Tranining Certificates

Q: What is the Royal Zen Bean và what does it do?A: Royal Zen Bean’s may be purchased from Zen Bean Traders at Places like Mushin’s Tower or while waiting for a match in the Aremãng cầu. It costs 5,000 Zen Beans to purchaseUnlocks the following skills per class:

Blade Master: (1) Block/Blade Strike T5 F1 – Guardian Tempest Available, Decrease cooldown of Lightning Draw by 1 sec on Deflect, Heals the user 2% of their Health over 5 sec on DeflectKung Fu Master: (1) Counter T5 F3 – Refreshes the CD of Sky Kiông chồng on CounterDestroyer: (E) Emberstomp T5 F4 – Defense increased by 300% for self and tiệc nhỏ membersForce Master: (1) Impact T5 F1 – Counters a melee attachồng for 0.5 sec, Knockbachồng the Countered enemy 5m, Move sầu back 5m on CounterAssassin: (2) Decoy T5 F3 – Blinds, deafens the Countered enemy for 2 sec on CounterSummoner: (4) Seed Shroud T5 F2 – Generates 12 Focus over 6 sec on CounterBlade Dancer: (F) Vortex T5 F3 – Refreshes the CD of Take Flight on DeflectWarlock: (2) Soul Shackle T5 F2 – Can be used up to lớn 2 times on hitSoul Fighter: (1) Elbow Smash T5 F1 – Decreases CD of Power Burst by 2 sec on Counter or T5 F2 – Removes Charge Disables on CounterLike us on
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